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There are thousands of women out there sharing authentic, awesome content on social media that educates, motives and uplifts.

Movers and shakers who strike a chord with us on a daily basis with posts on everything from real food, self love, intuitive living and behind-the-scenes snapshots of getting creative and doing biz.

Here at The Daily Guru, we thrive on having so much inspiration at our fingertips — especially when it comes to all things wellness, personal growth, creativity and professional development.

Today we thought we’d share just five of the Instagram accounts we — and some of our tribe (thanks for your suggestions!) have been crushing on lately — and we’d just love if you could add your own favourites to the list in the comments below!


If you’re a fan of wholesome, vibrant, good-for-the-soul (and even better-for-your-belly) food, you’ll definitely enjoy living vicariously through the Instagram page of author and former chef, Emma Galloway.

Think, Feijoa and Apple Crumble for breakfast.

A Roasted Purple Cauliflower and Sprouted Lentil Salad with Yoghurt Lime Dressing for lunch followed by Curried Carrot and Red Lentil Soup with Mung Beans and Feta for dinner.

And, definitely, some gluten-free chocolate eclairs with chestnut maple cream.

If you’re ready to uplevel your kitchen situation and indulge in some serious eye candy, head over to Emma’s page and get meal planning right now.


If you’re one of the many gorgeous Mamas in The Daily Guru tribe, we encourage — wait — we implore you to make Amy Taylor-Kabbaz your new best friend.

Amy, who is a best-selling author, speaker and mindfulness coach for mothers, knows what it’s like to become lost in the realities of child-rearing and day-to-day demands of motherhood. She has also come to learn that being a happy Mama is all about self-care and so she uses her Instagram page to share advice, tips, mantras and plenty of real-life, honest-to-goodness tales from the trenches of motherhood to help you make self-love a priority (without the Mama Guilt).


Designer, artist and author Justyna Blakeney believes creativity is the key to having an amazing home. You only need to take it her exotic-looking abode, which features heavily on her account, to know she nails creativity.

Justyna’s feed also features hundreds of interiors the world over that reflect her own personal #JungalowStyle.

“Our space is all about creative reuse, personalisation, vivid colors, bold patterns, worldly and thrifted finds, and lots and lots of plants,” Justyna says.

“Jungalow style is tropical and bohemian, very vintage and very cozy. Jungalow is about bringing the eclecticism of nature and the wild, indoors.”

Home and workspace goals? You betcha.

@Charge_ Up_ Introverts

From the makers of the book by the same name, this Instagram feed celebrates introverted professionals, biz owners and entrepreneurs and empowers them to survive — and thrive — in a world that can frequently drain them.

If you draw energy from being alone rather than in company, authors (and introverts) Claire and Allie will show you how to “proactively manage your life and career, recharge your batteries with much needed and deserved alone-time, so that socialising, networking, building your business and spending time with people is rewarding and fulfilling, not draining.”


Poetess, author and spoken word performer Rupi Kaur uses her feed to publish sketches and poetry that beautifully puts into words some of the complex themes and experiences so many of us struggle to articulate: femininity, love, loss, trauma and healing.

It’s raw, honest and so darn powerful.

If you haven’t already stumbled upon Rupi Kaur, we highly recommend you join her 600,000+ Instagram followers, immediately.



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