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5 Slow Living Hacks To Boost Success In Life & Business


5 slow living hacks to boost success in life & business

Yes, to be successful you need of course a strategy that works and the mindset and vibrational frequency to be on point. But here are some ‘behind the scenes’ life hacks that often get ignored but make a massive difference whether you are an entrepreneur, busy mama or employee looking for more fulfillment.

You don’t have to live like a monk in order to live a simpler life, nor am I asking you to bring all your possessions to the salvation army store. What I am inviting you to experiment with is detoxing your living environment, just like you detox your body.

Living simply is not a new concept at all, just look at Fengshui or Hygge for example. But we don’t know what we don’t know, aka you might not see the profound impact the following steps could have on you until you take the challenge and implement. See, most of us are used to keeping busy, we even use ‘being busy’ as an excuse to not do the inner work or to look at problems right under our noses and we rather keep busy with random tasks that don’t actually bring us forward instead of tackling the elephant in the room, am I right?

So, what if we can remove some of that ’noise’ and actually start living?!

Positive transformations I’ve witnessed in my own life, and that of clients, after applying these five keys include:

+ Less anxiety

+ More clarity and purpose

+ Deeper connections to self and others

+ More brain capacity and efficiency

+ Feeling of calm and universal trust

+ Better sleep

+ Happier body

+ Happiness

+ More creativity and inspiration

+ More time

+ Manifesting with ease

+ Higher frequency

I could probably go on and on with this list but let’s look at what you can do right now to create similar results for yourself, even if you are time poor! A slower pace of life does not mean you have to miss out but it’s a matter of priorities.

Start with your home. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place to relax and recharge. It can only do this for you when it’s free from clutter and energy blocks, take on room by room and free yourself from unwanted things (you know that ugly gift you keep on display in case your aunty will visit, yeah get rid of it!) Only keep what makes you feel good, that goes for clothing and decor items too, if wearing it or looking at it does not bring you joy, it’s out.

Once decluttered give it a really good spring clean, it might feel nice to pay someone to do this. Get a diffuser and use uplifting and calming essential oils to purify and supercharge your space on the daily. Styling is a big deal, again, think sanctuary, add indoor plants, keep patterns and colors clean and simple, less is more.

Use your Sunday crockery, every day! Eating from my expensive hand-thrown pottery plates every day, not only brings much joy and delight to my meals but it also makes me appreciate the meal much more. Taking this even further, invite family or partners to the table for each meal, providing a sacred and connected atmosphere for everyone present. Leave any distractions out of the equation and build good habits – ditching those tech gadgets! You will gain an appreciation for both the meal and for meaningful company with these small snippets of enjoyable dining occasions.

Any time is the right time to gift yourself a moment of stillness. There’s no need to label it meditation; a few moments of rest to recalibrate are an important form of self care and reflection. Why not find your favorite chair in a sunlit room? Trace your eyes around the light dancing in the air, and discover relaxation within yourself in that very moment. For even more indulgence, light a candle – simply for the joy of those aromas filling your space, or take your treat further with an essential oil body massage. Take these few precious minutes that you deserve; did you forget luxury can come from personal practice and stillness?

Just like you detoxed your home, you might like to look at your environment. Are you living where you want to live? If not, what needs to happen for you to move and where to? Do you feel loved, supported and inspired by the people in your immediate circle? If not, who do you need to let go of and what type of ‘new friend’ would you like to attract? (Think of it this way; you can be the healthiest, most potent, organic seed. If the soil and positioning are off you won’t thrive, right?!)

Humans thrive on routine, whether you believe this or not. The more stability we have the more we can trust, let go and relax. Start by getting up every day at the same time and be in bed around the same time too (my times are 6.30am and 10pm). If you work for yourself also try defining certain days and hours for work and play instead of just winging it.


From here on forward you might choose to invest in quality items such as beautiful linen sheets, organic food, handcrafted items, fresh flowers or spend your money on experiences vs things… Always keep in mind the feel-good factor. If it makes you feel good it’s probably a good thing to try these hacks!

Have fun with this and share with me in the comments below which of the five hacks resonates with you the most and why?


Love Sabrina




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