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5 Things I wish I knew before starting my business

The Things I wish I knew

The 5 Things I Wish I Knew

Growing my business to where it is today has taken 7 years and there are so many things that I’ve learnt along the way that have enabled me to grow and now be able to access thousands of women a month with my programs (as opposed to 4 a week when I was only doing 1/1 work for the first few years of business).


They’re things that, if I knew sooner, could have helped me grow faster sooner but they’re also part of my story and I truly believe that you have to go through things in order to grow.

Nevertheless, I would love to share 5 things that I wish I knew when I first began!


1. Get like minded friend sooner

It took me 3 years before I met like-minded, business friends. Friends who also ran solo
businesses and understood my struggles. Before them, I felt alone and didn’t really see my own
potential. But the game changed when I made it a priority to connect with like-minded friends.
They inspired and and showed me what was possible, understood my struggles, offered advice
and are now part of my close circle. I can;t imagine business and life without them. Having
people who ‘get you’ is so incredibly vital, as it can feel very lonely at times being an


2. Systemise and Invest in more help sooner – understand that it doesn’t all have to be me.

For 3 or so years, I was doing it ALL myself. The day I decided to systemise as many of my workflows
that  I could, and that weren’t in my line of genius and outsource all customer support emails was the
day that truly changed my life. This took about a year to get done and train staff, but eventually it freed up the time for me to do things like create my podcast, Body Bites with Bec, show up more on instagram and send more EDMs – all things that are in my line of genius to showcase my expertise, connect with and reach more women in order to help them and scale the business.


3. Set strict boundaries around amount of hours worked to make room for more ‘me’ time

Since creating more time in my day by setting strict boundaries around breaks and a switch off time by 6pm, it’s actually been KEY for my growth. The more time that I take for me and the less I work, the better quality work I do and the better I sleep – which is huge for me as an insomnia sufferer. I wish I knew this sooner, you truly don’t have to and shouldnt have to hustle all day for success.


4. I’m not for everyone and that’s ok

This has worked in 2 ways. The more I have nished down and said NO to people that I don’t think I can help to my best ability (ie men, vegans, kids), the better I can help the right women who my approach truly works for without much adaptation. You will never be for everyone – it's so much better to really stick with the people who you can truly help to your best ability, and refer others elsewhere.

It’s also worked in a mindset way with instagram. Of course, there will be people who don’t agree with your approach or who don’t like your vibe – but this is the case with everyone! No one is liked b everyone. Understanding this has made me be my true, authentic and real self which is so freeing
because I know that the RIGHT people will naturally align, and this is what I want.


5 . Know that all challenges, lows & mistakes are incredible lessons for growth (but only if you view them in that way)

You can’t grow and learn unless you make mistakes! I have known this for quite a few years now, but it would have helped in my first year or so! I used to beat myself up and stress myself out so incredibly much when I would make mistakes – but now I view them as beautiful lessons for growth – we truly need them!!





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