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Being a successful woman is much more than having an exciting and important position in the business world, or getting the fattest paycheck in the company.

A truly successful woman is a woman who feels successful, and consistently demonstrates the qualities it takes to succeed and be at the top of her game.

While even the most outwardly successful person may appear to be satisfied, inwardly, very few women are completely satisfied with themselves.


There can always be, and probably will always be, that lingering shadow of a doubt that sneaks in periodically to ask if they’re really at the top of their game.







Here below, I have listed the seven qualities that are important, yet quite attainable, for any woman to achieve lasting success.


No real success or genuine happiness is possible until you gain some degree of self-acceptance. A successful woman accepts she is unique. One of a kind and composed of strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and ignorance, experience and naiveté, accomplishment and unrealised potential.  A successful woman does not reject her imperfections by striving for perfectionism. She accepts her imperfections and realises that she can always learn more, perform better and behave better. She is not static but a dynamic person, and always in a state of growth in becoming her best self.

Robust sense of self

A successful woman has a powerful sense of self. She exudes self-confidence and when she enters a room, co-workers, guests, visitors and all present stop talking and look at her because she commands respect. Her sense of self translates to a presence that others notice, and many will try to emulate.

The successful woman may admire others, may use them as role models, but every woman, to be truly successful, must have, or develop a strong sense of self. Of who she is and what she stands for. Every person is different, and this difference can be all the difference in the world for the successful woman. Every woman is a unique creation and she should never lose sight of this fact.


A successful woman must believe in herself. Her beliefs must be consistent with her behaviour in the way she communicates and her presentation. If she is unsure of herself, of what she’s saying, through to her body language, her inconsistencies come through. She will quickly lose her audience.

A successful woman believes in herself, in her abilities, in her judgment and her ability to succeed in her chosen field. The benefits to be gained are manifold. Being successful isn’t necessarily the ability to earn more money, but to have that winning feeling that comes from knowing she’s done well, performs well and makes good choices. A successful woman walks tall and holds her head high.


One of the most important qualities, not only for each successful woman, but also for every successful person on earth is toughness. Being tough isn’t about dominating others or feelings of superiority. Real toughness is the ability to stick it out despite the odds, despite the difficulties and despite your weariness. It’s about having the will and courage to act on a good idea even when others believe it can’t be done.

Mental toughness is perhaps the most important aspect of all that all successful women have. No matter what challenges present them, she analyses the situation and takes the necessary steps to solve the problem at hand. Sometimes a successful woman may lose a little sleep while working on a problem, but in the end, her mental toughness will carry her through and only add to her sense of self, and self-belief.


Resilience goes right along with toughness. A successful woman is resilient. Every time she faces a setback, she realigns herself and tackles the problem from another angle. She doesn’t shrug and give up. Even if beaten to the ground, she will nurse her wounds and get back up and start over if necessary. A successful woman never gives up, and knowing she has that inner resilience equates to another joyful benefit to be gained from her ability to get back onto her feet and keep going.


Every successful woman has a clear vision for the future and plans ahead. Sets goals for herself and gets to work on actualising her dreams and ambitions. She believes success is no accident and that you have to do it on purpose. It means always checking in with herself and asking questions to check her progress. What is that I really want? If it’s a project, where am I going with this project? What are my career goals? Exactly where am I going and how am I going to get there?

A successful woman never loses sight of her goals and the sense of accomplishment that accompanies each step forward only increases her self-confidence and enthusiasm for the next step.


A successful woman, will have and show compassion, kindness and understanding for herself first and foremost and toward others. A really successful woman has a reputation for being tough, yes. But she will also have a reputation for being considerate and fair. A very important element for those on the road to success.

Taken together, these interconnected steps are a sign of a really successful woman. A woman who can step up and in the right direction. Being successful is a never-ending job that continues to present new challenges at every turn in the road.

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