Adam Danielli

General Manager of Divinita


Adam Danielli is General Manager of Divinita.

Although young in experience, Adam Danielli shows strong qualities in entrepreneurial business, team building and leadership skills.

Adam also portrays a unique mindset in his approach to living.

He is passionate about projects that contribute to the enhancement of his surroundings and believes strongly in his vision of a stronger integration of nature with man.

While he was studying, Adam was introduced to brown algae seaweed and quickly felt its effects, helping him to concentrate and perform better academically and physically.

It was through his personal experience, he realised that this was a product worth sharing, and so changed his course from architecture to developing Divinita.

At just 25, Adam now works full time as the General Manager of Divinita across Australia, Singapore and Europe and oversees every aspect of the business with a strong focus on the future of Divinita and the market’s relationship with brown algae seaweed Divinita technology.