Andrew Sparks

Founder of FITGRO | Peak Performance & Mindset Expert


Hi, my name’s Andrew Sparks.

I founded FITGRO after living a completely unresourceful life for well over a decade, and then transforming my own life to the empowered life I lead today.

Once I turned my own life around and started to see results far beyond what I ever thought possible, I developed a burning desire to share that with other people.

In society these days, there is such a need for personal empowerment and leadership, and through FITGRO, we plan on spreading the word as wide as possible.

We only get one shot at life, and we plan on helping as many people as possible achieve their own business and life personal bests, so they can have the success and fulfilment in life they deserve.

If you’re the type of person that knows there is more than what you’re currently giving to the world, in your business or your life, then get in touch with us and let’s get you living a life that you once could have only imagined.

I promise you, it will be worth it.

We truly look forward to helping you achieve and exceed your goals at FITGRO, and know that if you’re prepared to do the work, the results will come for you too, as they did for me personally, and or other successful clients.