Bianca MacLachlan

Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher


My Story

My story is one about self-esteem, self-confidence and looking for those in all the wrong places. It’s one about knowing deep down what I truly wanted, but being too scared to walk down that road for fear of what people thought or of not being accepted. It’s one about a half-assed attempt at healthy living, while still living life in the hard partying fast lane. It’s about looking for happiness in wasted states and other people and finally learning how wrong I was.

So I’m not sure when this mission started for me. I grew up in a house where junk food wasn’t welcome and because of that I never had a desire to eat it (thank you Mum!). I was surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand – a mountain, rivers, lakes, the ocean, surf, forests and farms – and it was something I think every child should have! I was so lucky having nature’s playground on my doorstep, I developed a respect and connection to nature that I’ve held very close to me throughout my life. Vegetarianism called me at 18 (and veganism followed 13 years later).