Brooke Glew

Founder of Health Coach Army


Brooke Glew is a leading Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Homeopath and Iridologist, member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association, and founder of the natural health community, Health Coach Army. Health Coach Army is a digital community of wellbeing professionals and industry experts, providing content and support to help Australians live a vibrant, healthy life.

Health Coach Army offers a variety of health and wellbeing based eCourses, covering a range of areas including health, fitness, organic living and sustainability, with the latest eCourse offerings, Grow Food Eat Food and Detox Your Home. Both eCourses are available at for $99.


For more information on Health Coach Army and Brooke Glew, or to check out the eCourses, visit: Follow Brooke on Instagram: @HealthCoachArmy, Facebook:, and Twitter: @HealthCoachArmy.