Charlie De Haas

Founder of The Clean Treats Factory


Charlie De Haas is the Sydney entrepreneur behind The Clean Treats Factory. In the last month, her business has grown 1000% thanks to her belief in sharing the love and collaboration.

After having a tough few years, which included struggling with an eating disorder, a binge eating problem and a negative relationship, Charlie decided to move to Sydney to change her life around.

After moving to Sydney, Charlie started Clean Treats & has been on a self improvement journey ever since, recently she quit dieting and lost 10kg.

During this time began mentoring and presenting to teenagers who were in similar tough situations, as she had been a deliquent teen herself and as a healthy alternative, she used to make them Clean Treats to enjoy at the seminars.

Before long, it was suggested that she should make a business out of the treats, so she took a leap of faith and two years later the business has grown exponentially and she has done it all on her own.

Stay tuned for many exciting projects that are on the horizon in the next 12 months. Charlie has also resumed her mentorship of young people, and is about to work with the government & aboriginal mothers.


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