Cherene Thomas-Smith



Since her early 20’s, Cherene has been passionate about all things health, fitness, wellness, personal development and spirituality.

With skills, knowledge and experience covering a diverse range of subjects including Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Life Coaching & Wellness as well as Reiki, Meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping).

She is a HEALth, WELLth & HAPPYness coach, speaker and writer, as well as a highly experienced Aerial Yoga, Pole, Barre & Dance Fitness Instructor/Trainer, offering a unique approach to putting the FUN back into fitness.

From her own experiences with stress, anxiety, depression and post traumatic grief, as well as severe hormonal issues, Cherene is a strong advocate of Mental WELLth and now shares her message and knowledge of through her “HEALth, WELLth & HAPPYness” project.



Instagram & Twitter: @cherenets

[email protected]