Chloe Waugh

Founder & Creative Director of Social Media Creative


Chloe is passionate about social media, working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers on developing and growing their online networks at Social Media Creative. Chloe is highly regarded for her content creation, writing skills and her intricate understanding of the market and ideal customer for each of her clients.

In addition to managing profiles for professional brands, Chloe also enjoys working alongside business owners in developing their social media strategy, then taking it further with providing important implementation support. Coaching comes naturally to Chloe, due to her deep desire to help others grow and nourish their online communities and businesses. Chloe has a personal and professional approach to each of her clients, valuing client results and satisfaction as top priority at Social Media Creative.


Instagram: @socialmediacreative

Snapchat: chloejane_smc


Linked In: