Clare Desira

Coach, Speaker and Founder of the Top Five Movement


Clare Desira is a facilitator, speaker, coach, product developer and founder of the Top Five Movement.

In 2006, she began writing down her ‘top five’ moments of every day, and has since recorded over 10 000 happy memories (and counting!). As the benefits of her ‘happiness habit’ started spilling over into other areas of her life, Clare knew she needed to spread the word about the incredible power of positivity to transform the way we live, think, and feel. In 2012, she took to the TEDx stage to tell her story and proceeded to take the Top Five Movement global.

With her practical approach to positivity, Clare’s now on a mission to help people around the world choose happiness and generosity, find joy, and live their best lives. She does this through her speaking, coaching, and writing, as well as through her psychologist endorsed deck of Top Five Positive Thought Starters.

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