Colette Werden

Style & Image Specialist for female entrepreneurs and professionals


She calls it her “obsession with confident women” and her drive to empower females that catapulted her desire to launch “Colette Werden” – the image development hub for driven female entrepreneurs and professionals.

Throwback to 2007, where it all began at Suzan Johnston Australia – the country’s longest running image school of over 50 years. There she worked with teenagers, men and women of all walks of life to develop their image, communication skills and overall self-esteem.

There an “aha” moment hit – she landed on a niche that she deeply connected with – women who were striving to get ahead in their industry.They all had the skills and experience, they had devoted their heart and soul, sweat and tears into their passion and the only thing holding them back was their fear of not being good enough. This all translated into the way they presented themselves and their image began costing them time, money, self-confidence and opportunities. That’s where Colette knew she could help them the most.
Her business flew organically through word of mouth referrals and her professional team of stylists, make-up artists and photographers expanded. Backed by years of experience, education and experimentation; Colette Werden fast became the leading Style and Image Specialist in her niche.

In 2014, Colette Werden launched her revolutionary leading-edge The Ratio System™ which significantly boosts women’s self-confidence and opens up their eyes to a whole new way of dressing. The Ratio System™ helps women dress for what they really want: to create the perception of a longer, leaner appearing silhouette. It takes the guess work out of which outfit works and which doesn’t, and is a complete contrast to the traditional body shape dressing method, which is restrictive.

Since creating her revolutionary The Ratio System™, Colette Werden also commissioned a nationwide survey with CoreData Research Australia, which revealed outstanding results highlighting women’s relationship with their self-confidence levels, style and wardrobes. All of which she shares in her workshops.

The red lipstick addict speaks regularly in professional and entrepreneurial communities to motivate teams on dressing for success and developing their personal brand.

And, has transformed the confidence levels of clients from prominent businesses including Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Bendigo Bank, Sladen Legal Law Firm, ANZ, Network 10 and Arbonne Australia.

Taking her expertise onscreen to broader audiences, Colette has presented on lifestyle shows on Foxtel and on Network 10’s ‘The Circle’. She has also worked with production agencies across the country and presented coverage for the TV Week Logie Awards and Melbourne Fashion Festival.

It’s been over 10 years that she’s been supporting the Fred Hollow’s foundation with monthly donations and has MC’d at charities supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation, like “L’huere de The’ ” at the Sofitel Melbourne for French luxury magazine, Le Style.

In 2013, Colette was appointed Ambassador for Alfa Romeo, aligning her brand with one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world.

The Colette Werden brand has a global scale vision and lives by the mantra, “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up”.