Em Fields

Writer and Motivator


I believe in the choice theory. I believe that we don’t choose the things that happen us in life, but we can choose how we allow them to affect us. Situations are never negative, situations are neural; it is as it is. What is negative is our feelings towards the situation. I like to live by the motto; ‘You either win or you learn’. Every curve ball is an opportunity to grow and be better, stronger and smarter. I believe in the power of manifestation and being able to create your own life.

When I was in my senior years of high school I was so sick with depression I was physically incapable of getting out of bed. I had to get a derived study for for my exams and I pushed everyone away because I had no idea what was going on in my head and I felt so powerless. Eventually I found training. The gym was the one place I could go to where I had control over how much pain I was in, how strong I was, how much I could endure.

After my own journey of learning to love and believe in myself I am now the National Sales Manager for Aus/NZ for a Dutch furniture manufacturer, where we promote physical activity in the workplace for better health. The only person I answer to is the CEO in The Netherlands (who funnily enough I’ve even convinced at 58 years of age to work on setting goals for himself – it’s great !). If you asked me how I got here I couldn’t really say, all I know is that I’ve worked damn hard and was lucky enough to have people who believed in me as much as I learned to believe in myself.

I’m renowned in my friendship circles – even in my family for being a big hippy with the self love. When I promote body positivity and self love it’s because I’ve been at the bottom hating every ounce of myself and my life. Through training I discovered how much power I had in creating my own life and the way I felt about it. I’m able to spread the message across my small Instagram following which is great, and when people send me messages saying how much I inspire them and have helped them to love themselves it’s the most overwhelming feeling.