Esther Alexander

EFT Energy Practitioner


Hello! I’m Esther.
I wear a few hats …

* Personal-Development Mentor, Counsellor & Speaker.
* Holistic Health and Wellness Consultant & Coach [specialising in eating dis-orders/issues and addictive behaviours]
* Writer & Author.
* EFT Energy Practitioner.
* Thought Coach.
* The “why” girl.
* The “I-don’t-know” butt kicker.
* Spiritual Alchemist.
* Creator of ‘the love & light project’.

…. and it is my mission and passion to
re-introduce you to yourself! To help YOU take off your mask so that you can rediscover and reconnect to who you truly are, and live the life you desire and deserve! 

 I have felt the feeling of being disconnected from myself, and what it feels like to not be living a life that is truly the life I want to live, and love. I know the pain, frustration and sense of fear that has come from a place of knowing deep inside that there is more to my life than what it is I am doing but feeling too scared to change because of what others may think and the fear of “what if” it doesn’t work out. I know personally, the restrictions that come from not living an authentic life and to wake up every day and feel like you need to put a mask on and play a role that people expect you to play and you play it, because you’re too scared to just be yourself. I know all of that! But guess what? I also know that you can change and I also know there are some times when you have to make a declaration to yourself that you won’t continue to keep living your life how you are. Oh and then the big question of “there has to be more to life than this” arises! I know that you can face your fears, leave the negative voices behind, re-invent yourself, develop faith in yourself and live the life you know you are destined to live. And how do I know this? Here’s why …

 At the age of 19, I was involved in a serious car accident that nearly cost me my life. I thought it would be ‘fun’ to go under a semi-trailer and well, let’s just say, TRUCK = 1, ESTHER = 0. I was busted from head to toe (literally!) and not only was my physical body shattered so was my spirit. At 19 years of age when I should have been out partying with friends and having fun, I was cooped up in hospital, then on a couch with a brace from hip to toe, and then in a physiotherapist’s room most afternoons learning how to walk again. I was definitely not the life of the party! Throw in some serious depression, anxiety, fear and complete hatred of life, and well, that pretty much sums up that part of my life. In hindsight, I look back and thank the Universe for all of it, because honestly, it was the best experience to have ever happened to me, but at the time, I was far from thrilled as to what my life had been reduced to. For months the negative demons would play the ‘poor me’ story out for me in my head and I bought into all of it. I became depressed, miserable, hated life and everyone in it. Fast forward 12 months and as I gradually recovered, I came to appreciate my love and enjoyment for weight-training and fitness and this set the next decade of my life in motion. Upon speaking to a close friend, I decided to train for my first bodybuilding competition and loved every minute of it. So at the age of 21, my life had now become about weight training, hours in the gym, becoming a personal trainer, studying at University, chicken, broccoli, ridiculous competition tanning colour, an all expenses paid trip to Europe to work as a personal trainer to a famous Australian as we sailed on his private yacht through the Mediterranean  (tough gig I know!), oh and did I also mention, an eating dis-order, addiction to drugs, steroids, two suicide attempts, changing states and an abusive relationship? Yep, my 20’s definitely were a colourful decade! The difference with me – I’m not afraid to talk about any of it! I am proud of what I have been through, the lessons I have learnt and the stories I have to share because this is the stuff of life! It is what we need to talk about, to connect to each other and heal ourselves and each other! Ask me anything and I will tell you the answer, because my experiences have given me knowledge and understanding and it is that, which helps me to help others!!