Fontaine Hatzikalis

Writer and Life Coach


Hi there, I’m Fontaine.

Here to stand with you, side-by-side, as you ignite that spark that’s been living too dimly, for too long.
You know the one, right?

I believe that fulfillment doesn’t come from ticking off a list of goals that you’ve been accumulating all of your life. It comes from something far less external. It comes from something far less complex. It comes when you…

When you truly be wherever you are. When you are aware of your own presence. When you act, speak and listen with more depth. When feelings arise within you; good or bad, you give yourself permission to feel them wholly.

To me, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a moment of self discovery that leaves you feeling anchored and expansive in the same breath.

I write to explore the essence of self discovery. To try to decipher it, whilst at the same time, honour its mystery and inexplicable grace.

So now that you’re here, be here with me.

With love,
Fontaine xx