Janelle Ledwidge

Health & Life Coach


Hello, I’m Janelle, life coach, Licensed Facilitator of The Desire Map, co-author of “A Faster Future” and holistic health coach-in-training.

I’ve drawn on all of my experiences, training and available resources to bring A Glittering Soul to life.

I combine my career background as a business coach and strategist in the fields of digital media, technology and international trade facilitation with practical insights from being a mother, life coach and co-author.

Since my passion for coaching and helping others is central to my existence, I hold Coaching and Advanced Coaching certifications from Coach U. I am also on a Life Coaching certification pathway with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and Health Coaching certification pathway with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I also hold formal qualifications in public relations and advertising and am a member of the International Coach Federation.

My keen interest in personal development led me to creating A Glittering Soul and devoting the past 8 years of my life to perfecting my coaching craft. I’ve also had the privilege of working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and some of Australia’s brightest creative minds with whom I supported as clients and connected to business opportunities around the world.

After nearly 15 years working in the digital media industry, and with a decade devoted to industry development, I co-authored a book with Brad Howarth called A Faster Future – The future of broadband: what it means for business, society and you.

I love writing and designing relevant, heartfelt, actionable content to inspire creative, ambitious women and soulful entrepreneurs like you who understand that investing in personal development and yourself is the key to crafting a lifestyle rich with happiness, passion and purpose.