Kate Dalgleish

Naturopath and Herbalist


‘m Kate a passionate Naturopath and Herbalist. I’m also a mother, a wife, daughter, friend, colleague, sister, good listener and between 10pm and whenever I get to bed, just plain ol’ me!

Sound familiar? Many of my patients often contact me feeling stretched and pulled to fulfill duties, be productive, sexy, healthy and keep it all together – all within a short, busy day and it is draining their energy and zapping their once vibrant nature.


I believe by following the 5 steps of well-being we can live happy and healthy in a modern, hectic world.

My vision for you is that within these pages you find some solace, a place where time slows down, your breathing slows and you find a calm, relaxing space where you can fill your mind with the:

  • Practical know-how to stay healthy and enjoy a hectic, modern life
  • Enthusiasm to make small, manageable changes that become lifelong healthy habits
  • Discover the revitalised version of yourself that longs to be set free to shine, live and love