Kate Williams

Founder of Retreat Yourself Box


Kate Williams is more than just the Girl Boss behind the Retreat Yourself Box enterprise, she is a multi-talented entrepreneur and traveler, passionate about sharing a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle that includes making time for your number one; you.

With her 30th birthday around the corner, Kate already has an impressive résumé of business and life experience. Having left New Zealand at the age of 20 to educate herself on the ways of the world, globetrotting and volunteering in countries such as India, Zambia and Nepal, Kate eventually settled in Melbourne to study fitness and holistic nutrition, earning her certification as a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist. Kate has since left the rat race and is settling in Torquay with her partner and four guard chickens; Carol, Margot, Henrietta and Audrey.

It was during her immersion in the wellness worlds of fitness and nutrition that Kate recognized a lack of attention being paid to the person beneath the abs, or beyond the food that they put in their mouths.

With this in mind, Retreat Yourself Box was born, built on the vision of encouraging and inspiring women across the world to ‘fill their own cup first’. This seasonal delivery box full of health & wellness products was intended to offer the hustling entrepreneur, the busy mum, the health conscious girl-next-door, a sense of calm and respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The ‘retreat in a box’ offers these women the opportunity to nourish their feminine energy, integrating healthy retreat-like practices into their daily routine.


You can find the Retreat Yourself Box at www.retreatyourselfbox.com
Instagram: @retreatyourself_box
Facebook: www.facebook.com/retreatyourselfhealthbox