Kris Cochrane

Health & Fitness Guru


A 28 year old who grew up in country Tasmania, Kris started life in Sydney in 2009 as a gym-floor Personal Trainer.

By 2012 Kris had earned the title of the ‘6-Pack King of Sydney’* and was one of the most in-demand PT’s in town, with a waiting list of up to 6mths for new clients.

“Although it’s important for a PT to design good workout and nutrition programs, what really sets a GREAT coach from the rest is an ability to create deep connections with their clients to help influence their behaviour and create true lifestyle change.  It’s a commitment to doing ‘whatever it takes’ for that client to see the results they deserve.”

Kris founded his first business, Rapid Health Group in 2012, a Personal Training business that also provides outsourced service management for Gym owners, and has since been described as the ‘Richard Branson of the Fitness Industry’**, having built the it from a pipe-dream to a multi-million dollar company with a team of 40 within the space of two years.

*Labeled by Time Out Magazine October 2012

**Jason Urbanowicz, Owner of Australia’s largest and most successful business coaching company for fitness professionals – Create PT Wealth