Relationship Mentor | Reiki Master


Safiatou, means ‘pure’ or ‘confidante’ and she created Safiatou to be just that for as many people as possible. She is a Relationship Mentor and a Reiki Master.

She spent years giving so much of herself to everyone else to the point where she was literally losing balance, dizzy, and losing footing, she got serious about both reconnecting to herself and redefining her relationships as far more healthy and reciprocal. She has committed the last five years of her life to learning from the best about neuro-plasticity, relationship patterns, masculine and feminine energy and more.

Now she is passionate about helping others do the same: reconnect to themselves, redefine their relationships as supporting and sustaining, and renew their love for life.

A bit of an ethnic mix from all around the world (including Wales, Malaysia and The Gambia), she is now based in Sydney, Australia but you can also find her on Facebook or Instagram, if you like.