Tess Robinson

Director of Smack Bang Designs


I’m Tess, and I am the ringleader of a small circus (read branding agency) called Smack Bang Designs. Officially, my job is to make business decisions and give creative criticism. But really? I spend most of my days dreaming up new and outlandish ideas, hanging with a bunch of really fun peeps, creating cool content for our comms projects, styling up our studio space, looking over my designers’ shoulders in awe, connecting with cool people for collaborations and watering our mini-jungle. But mostly, just watering our mini jungle.

I’m here to keep the Smack Bang baby moving forward, get work out the door that our clients fall head over heels for, help inspiring people to change the world and make sure that my team are kicking goals, and kicking their heels up.

I’m all about working hard, avoiding the obvious, barefoot living, seizing the day and leaving on time.


[email protected]