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6 Impressive Ways To Balance & Clear Your Energy

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How To Balance & Clear Your Energy


Have you ever spent time around someone who leaves you feeling drained? Ever said yes to an arrangement that made you feel exhausted before you’d even left the house? Or perhaps you just feel quite foggy-minded and ungrounded at times, and you feel unsure as to how to clear this?

Learning how to balance and clear your own energy is such a wonderful way to protect your energy, help you stay grounded and focused, and show up every day feeling clear-minded and energised.


Here are some energetic healing tools and techniques that you can use to balance and clear your energy:

Set energetic boundaries

When I first started seeing clients as a naturopath and kinesiologist, I would sometimes spend the entire morning before seeing particular clients feeling absolutely exhausted, and unsure as to why this was the case. One day I realised I was feeling this way only when I was about to see particular clients with exhaustion or adrenal fatigue. I realised that I was tapping into their energy fields, and holding on to their energy before they’d even come to my clinic.

I realised that once I’d seen the client and they’d left my clinic, I would feel energised and light again. So I started setting the intention before my fatigued clients would arrive that my energy was my own—in a sense, I started to set clear energetic boundaries.

You can do this too—before you meet up with people who you sometimes find draining, set the intention that your energy is safe and protected.

You may even like to repeat the phrase, “My energy is safe, protected and 100% my own.”

Release energy drains

Sometimes we take on other people’s stuff because we want to protect them, support them or relieve some of their burden, however this isn’t helpful for our energy, nor for our friends or family.

Sit for a moment, take some deep breaths, and think of who you may be giving too much energy to. (It’s usually the first person who pops into your mind.)

Now, with your eyes closed, imagine where this person is energetically attached to you, in or on your body. Perhaps there’s an energetic rope or string coming out of your stomach, your chest or anywhere else.

Slowly, gently and with love, pull the rope or string out from your body and energy field, and imagine yourself disposing of it in any way you choose – perhaps you’ll let it wash away in the ocean, bury it in sand or under a tree, or lovingly hand it back to this person.

Take some deep breaths in and out.

Now, imagine yourself free of anyone else’s energy.

Come back to being completely you, feeling lighter and more grounded.

Affirmations to protect, ground and clear your energy

You can also work with positive affirmations to align your energy to a new way of being.

Sit with some of these in meditation, or use them as journaling prompts, or simply repeat them to yourself with your hands over your heart whenever you feel you need a little grounding.

My energy is cleansed, balanced and protected

My energy is 100% my own

I easily cleanse and protect my own energy

I release any energetic ties I may be holding on to

I now call my energy back to me

It’s safe for me to protect my energy

I am protected

Listen to chakra-cleansing meditations

While all kinds of meditation is supportive in grounding your energy, chakra-cleansing meditations will specifically help you to shift out old, stuck energy to ensure your chakras are open, activated, cleansed and able to support you in a nourishing way.

Meditation is an important method of opening, activating and cleansing the chakras (our personal energetic power centres), especially when practiced with active forms of visualisation, such as in guided meditations.

Listening to chakra-cleansing meditations can be a beneficial tool for focusing your attention and building self-awareness. Guided meditation often starts with becoming aware of your body, bringing attention to the breath, and eventually noticing any sensations in the body before directed towards particular chakras.

With each meditation we can learn how to be an observer within our body and cultivate more connection to our inner experience. When focusing on specific chakras or parts of the physical & spiritual bodies, we may notice blockages that prevent us from feeling balanced. It’s essential we become aware these blockages exist in order for us to make intentional changes regarding how we open up and balance various aspects of our lives.

Chakra-cleansing meditations aid this process due its immersive nature which gives space for us to observe ourselves while cultivating mindfulness & true embodiment of our being.

Essentially, chakra-cleansing guided meditations are a natural stress release mechanism, while also helping to cleanse, balance and ground your energy.

You can download a free chakra-cleansing, grounding meditation here. (

Cleanse your space with white sage

White sage (also called a smudge stick) is an aromatic plant that you can burn to clear away negativity both from in and around your own energy field, as well as your space (home, office etc.). Think of it as space cleansing; helping to wash away any negativity and leave the room you’re in feeling clear, light and positive.

White sage has an incredibly long history of use in cleansing and clearing people’s personal energy, as well as objects and spaces. This ancient practice helps to rid areas of stagnant energy, negative influences, and heavy vibes. Lighting some white sage is a simple way to create a calming atmosphere that feels open and clear: it’s like giving your space a fresh start.

The smoke carries the intention to release any negative debris from the environment, creating a more focused and energized aura for both you and anyone else who comes into the space you’re cleansing. So if you’re in need of refreshing your environment, invigorate yourself with white sage!

I love to burn a little bit of white sage at the end of my working week to clear the air, and after any particularly stressful or busy days, for a clean slate.

It’s simple to burn, and easy to find (just look it up online or find some at your nearest health food store).

Work with essential oils

There are so many beautiful oils we can turn to when we’re feeling a little scattered or out-of-sorts. Aromatherapy can help increase your mood, ground your energy, clear your mind, among so many other uses.

Aromatherapy is an incredibly powerful and effective way to improve our overall well-being. By infusing the air with essential oils, we can truly benefit from the power of natural scents to both renew and relax our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s no wonder that these oils have been used throughout history to treat mental, physical, and emotional ailments.

Inhaling aromatic oil molecules interacts with receptors in the nose, triggering neural pathways to the brain which influences respiration, heart rate, digestion – even emotions. From uplifting scents like grapefruit or jasmine to calming fragrances like lavender or chamomile – there’s a wealth of amazing options available that offer a diverse range of therapeutic benefits.

So whether you’re trying to focus better or just need a little mental escape – aromatherapy can be incredibly helpful for managing stress in everyday life.

Here are some that I love to use to ground and clear my energy every day:



Ylang Ylang


Citrus (orange etc.)

You can use these in an oil burner, add a drop or two to a bath, add a few drops to your wrists and gently pat your wrists together, or add a few to a carrier oil like jojoba, sweet almond or rosehip oil and massage on to your hands, feet, neck, temples, or rub anywhere else on your body where you feel you want to infuse some grounding, calming, uplifting energy.

Remember, your energy is your own; you can cleanse, ground, balance and protect it fiercely, and with love. If you’d love to learn about the many ways you can elevate your thoughts, align your energy and clear old, limiting beliefs and patterns that may be leaving you feel stuck, unworthy and exhausted, you’ll love my book, You Are Enough (Hay House).


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