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Extroverts are often described as outgoing, sociable, friendly, talkative and enthusiastic. If you’re extroverted, you may be more likely to solve problems by talking about them and people will often remember you as being approachable and open.

You will tend to feel energised by social interactions and, if given a choice between spending time alone or with other people, you’ll be more likely to prefer spending time with other people. And you probably love to talk – not only with people you know but with just about anyone. As a result, you’ll often have a wide group of friends.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on introverts and they’re quieter, more thoughtful ways. Where an extrovert loves to talk and may enjoy a thriving social life, introverts tend to require alone time to recharge and prefer to think, rather than speak. As a result, there can be a tendency for people to view extroverts as less mysterious, too loud and attention-seeking.

However, this is often not the case and actually, extroverts have their own strengths and skills to offer. In this article, you’ll discover some of these qualities and also, some unexpected things you may not know about extroverts.   

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Extroverts can encourage other people to feel joyful and excited

The positive energy of an extrovert can often be infectious, boosting the moods of the people around them. The general friendliness and welcoming nature of extroverts can also make them particularly enjoyable people to spend time with!

Extroverts often wear their hearts on their sleeves

You won’t need to worry about an extrovert hiding things from you – when they have a problem, they would prefer to get it out in the open. Often wearing their hearts on their sleeves, extroverts love to share and express themselves. This can be a wonderful attribute as it helps to strengthen and nourish relationships, but it can also make extroverts vulnerable to people who might take advantage of their openness.

Extroverts tend to intensely dislike boredom

Research has shown that extroverts need more stimulation than introverts to maintain focus on a task. For example, an extrovert will perform better on a cognitive test when music is playing in the background than if they are left in silence.

Extroverts love being around people

In the same way that introverts tend to need time alone to recharge, extroverts need time with others to replenish their energy and feel nourished. They don’t handle loneliness well and may need social interactions to help them feel connected and supported. Sometimes, this can come across as “clinginess” and it can be important to remember that extroverts simply need more social interactions than introverts and ambiverts.

Extroverts aren’t always in the mood for social events

Yes, it’s true. Even though extroverts love being around others, they aren’t always in the mood for going out and socializing. People assume that extroverts are always ready to attend a good social event, but the truth is, extroverts need down-time, too! If they feel the need to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book instead of going out, simply respect their wishes and let them relax.

Extroverts can struggle to juggle their social activities

An extrovert will often have many different friends in many different circles. It’s not always easy to maintain a balanced social life and if you feel like your extroverted friend isn’t spending time with you, it’s not necessarily because they don’t like you! It may just be that they struggle to keep up with all their different friendships.

Extroverts are not “shallow”

Because extroverts tend to share their experiences openly, there can be a tendency for other people to see them as shallow. However, extroverts can also think deeply and experience a range of emotions.

Extroverts can experience social anxiety, too

Some people think then extroverts are always comfortable in social situations, but this isn’t always true! Extroverts can experience overwhelm and social anxiety, particularly in large groups of people. If your extroverted friend lets you know they’re feeling anxious, don’t dismiss it or assume that they’re lying! Social anxiety can be a challenge for anyone, including extroverts.

If you need help networking, enlist the help of an extrovert

An extrovert can help champion your cause better than you might imagine! With their fabulous networking skills, they make wonderful companions to events where you might want to create contacts and build relationships. Not only do they help break the ice with their awesome conversational skills, they also help rescue conversations when they start to peter out!

Extroverts often work better in groups and open-plan offices

An extrovert will often be able to produce better work when they can discuss ideas. Collaborate and interact with their colleagues. Open-plan offices can also work well. As long as they ask other people before they start interacting with them during work hours.

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