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There’s a reason why the TV series The Office is such a hit.

It’s because we have all encountered and then taken a few too many deep inhales in the presence of annoying co-workers who have seemed determined to prod and poke until you almost burst!

From the overbearing know-it-all, to the negative nelly who is quick to squash every one of your ideas, to the office bully, the queen gossiper and the blatant slacker, we at The Daily Guru know an annoying colleague when we see one!

Here’s a list of the 15 most annoying co-workers ever according to LinkedIn. In fact, research has found that one in eight people leave a job due to “incivility” (Entrepreneur).

Here are our trusty tips to help you deal with co-workers that annoy the ba’jesus out of you:

Negative nelly

The best way to dissuade a downer? Respond to their complaints with something nauseatingly positive! After a while, they will realise that their negative remarks aren’t affecting you and will move on to find a new audience. 

The bully

The bully is a tricky one to approach and as uncomfortable as it may be, the best approach is to actually address the issue face-to-face with him or her.

Pull them aside and start by explaining how you think you work well together but you think you could work better if your goals were the same.

Share examples of how you have felt bullied by their disrespectful treatment in the past, such as the way you are put you down in meetings or have not invited you to social events, and propose being mature from now on so you do your work productively and collaboratively.

The slacker

Good luck motivating the slacker to step it up!

Instead of filling in the gaps for them because they’re not meeting the deadlines and work load, simply allow for the work not to be done so your boss or senior can see for themselves that they are not performing as they should be.

Eventually, they’ll have to step up, or face the consequences.

Queen gossiper

Even if you’re not participating in the small talk and rumours, listening is actually a form of participation.

If he or she starts their gossiping rant, stop them in their tracks. Look at your watch and say you have to be somewhere and make haste!

He or she will get the hint and will hunt for a new receptive audience who will listen to their garble. 

Mr or Mrs know-it-all

This colleague loves the sound of their own voice.

That’s why they speak first in meetings and crack the first joke in the staff room.

Instead of appealing to their ego for attention, make blanket statements like “That’s interesting” or “I see your point of view’ and move on.

Take this one step further my facilitating others to speak.

Ask other colleagues in the room for their opinion, shining the spotlight away from Mr or Mrs know-it-all. 

We’d love to hear how you have dealt with annoying co-workers in the past in the comments below!

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