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Goal Setting Screensavers

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Did you set some awesome goals this year and feel super inspired and excited about them – only to find your motivation is starting to fade?

Never fear!

Our beautiful and incredibly inspiring Goal Setting Screensavers are here to help you stay on track! Created exclusively for The Daily Guru, these Screensavers were designed specifically to help you re-discover your motivation and keep working towards those big, bold dreams of yours.  And we have 9 for you to choose from!!

SNEAK PEAK- three of our favorite!

Simply pop your email address below and the full range of 9 gorgeous Goal-Setting Phone Screensavers will be sent to you – totally for free. We absolutely LOVE sharing awesome resources like these with you and we can’t wait for you to use them!

And if you like these, then you need to check out our new Goal Setting Planner here.



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