An Interview with Fiorella Kis-Major

FIORELLA KIS-MAJOR – Founder of The Nourishing Goddess


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In today’s special interview, our latest Guru To Watch Fiorella Kis-Major,  her mission is to show women that self-care and wellness should be seen as a necessity, not a luxury, in our lives — and today we’re chuffed to help her share this important message with our tribe.

“My own blocks and fears around success, failure, abundance and scarcity have been the only thing to stop me succeeding sooner. Fiona Horne once gave me some advice that changed my life forever: “Get out of your own way,” Fiorella says.




Watching women transform, literally before my very eyes. Whether it’s over the course of a few hours at an event, or months via 1:1 coaching, I feel honoured and privileged to bear witness to a deep sense of calm and serenity infusing itself into the soul of my clients.

I chose to enter this field of work because…

I love being of service to womankind. We are the givers, the nurturers, and as Petrea King so beautifully once put it, “the ones whom through the generations flow”. It’s my mission and highest purpose to inspire a wave of self care and mindfulness amongst us, so that it flows onto the next generation.

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

My self limiting beliefs. My own blocks and fears around success, failure, abundance and scarcity have been the only thing to stop me succeeding sooner. Fiona Horne once gave me some advice, that changed my life forever: “Get out of your own way”.

The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are….

That working with me will involve dancing naked under the full moon, or something far out and ‘woo woo’!

I came up with the name ‘The Nourishing Goddess’ to inspire women to literally nourish the goddess within – to fill up their own cup, rather than continually operate on an empty tank.

It’s also interesting to observe women’s reactions to the word ‘Goddess’. Some people look at me wistfully, not being able to remember the last time they felt feminine and free, as their corporate lives force them to operate from a more masculine, logical place. These are the women I serve in my work, to bring back a sense of flow and softness to their daily lives.

The most influential person in my career has been…

I’m girl crushing pretty badly on Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte and Nisha Moodley these days.

If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

You are perfect, just the way you are. Don’t listen to anyone else’s advice about “how to make it”. Stick with your gut intuition on following a path in healing and wellness. And for goodness sake, stop falling in love with the ‘bad boy’ archetype, as that will definitely get you nowhere!

My greatest achievement has been…

Creating The Nourishing Goddess from scratch, solo. Other than my logo and website banner, which a divinely talented graphic designer cooked up for me. As with most soulpreneurs, I’m the marketing director, copy writer, art director, accountant, website developer, executive assistant, speech writer, event coordinator and business development manager. It’s been a pretty wild ride, but I’m so proud of all I’ve done, looking back over the past year.

The greatest personal challenge I have over come is…

A devastating breakup at a very early age, that led to the most self destructive year of my life. I give thanks for the lessons I learned, and without which would not have met my beautiful husband.

I don’t understand why…

People abuse animals…

I try to relax by…

Soaking in a big ol’ tub of epsom salts by candlelight.

My biggest fear is…

Bugs becoming the new superfood of the future…!

I can’t live without…

Weleda’s Everon lip balm – I literally will not leave the house without it!

I really wish I had…

A house overlooking the ocean in Maui.

The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

Rest-ing is just as valid, if not more so, than do-ing.

If I had one super power, it would be….

To travel anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye, like Rose McGowan’s character in Charmed.

If I could invite four people to a dinner party, they’d be…

Frida Kahlo, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie & Alanis Morissette. 4 empowered women who have inspired me deeply.


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Fiorella Kis-Major is a passionate advocate for women nourishing the Goddess within.

A former corporate animal for 15 years, Fiorella worked for multinational media and entertainment companies spanning from advertising to music until she decided to transition into her purpose: to be of service to womankind.

As the founder and owner of The Nourishing Goddess, Fiorella provides heartfelt services as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Wellness Coach, Writer and Speaker.

She holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from Nature Care College Sydney, and her monthly Goddess Sessions are an opportunity for like-minded soul sisters to connect with the Divine Feminine and each other.

Fiorella’s mission is for self-care and wellness to be seen as a necessity, not a luxury, in the life of every woman.


For more information about Fiorella, visit her website a


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