The night before your big interview

Picture yourself the night before your last big job interview – bonus points if this position was one that you really wanted. Perhaps your current role was ending and you needed to find something new in order to keep paying your bills on time. Maybe your current supervisor was toxic and you were dreading every day you were going into work. You even might have been incredibly eager because you were simply ready for a positive change that moved you closer to your career goals. Remembering that the stakes were high for your interview, how were you feeling? If you answered, “I was doing great; I didn’t have a care in the world” then congratulations (and, also, I’m jealous). However, if you felt anxious, worried, or stressed – or tossed and turned all night and woke up groggy and red-eyed – the following tips are for you.

Taking appropriate steps to prepare yourself the night before your big interview will help you to feel refreshed, confident, and in control when you walk in to meet with your future boss.


You might be thinking that the night before your interview is the perfect time to frantically cram in more question prep or review the company’s webpage until your eyes go blurry. Some preparation is important, but too much can be downright exhausting. Ideally, you will have been practicing interview questions and learning more about the company’s structure in the days leading up to the interview. Now is the time to unwind so you can show up to the interview as your best self – someone who isn’t sleep-deprived or too frazzled from their intense work the night before.

Think about what relaxation means to you – is it treating yourself to your favorite group fitness class, curling up in bed with a new Netflix show and a snack, or taking a walk while chatting with your best friend on the phone? Getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is also key.


Nothing is worse than running around your apartment looking for your perpetually-missing car keys so you won’t be late to work. Knowing that you have a big event coming up makes that scramble to leave even worse. The night before your interview, take time to think through everything you’ll need for the next morning, and set it out in a logical place. Make sure you have copies of your resume or CV printed, and that your outfit is clean and ironed (and, if you haven’t worn that suit in a while, try it on and make sure it still fits!). If you’re taking time out of your workday to interview, consider what outfit change you might need to make and how you’ll store your additional clothes. Your car keys or metro card should be easily accessible, too.

The morning of an interview can be stressful enough without feeling unprepared – take 15 minutes the night before to set yourself up for success so you can rest easy.



Showing up late can reflect poorly on you as an interviewee – so avoid that at all costs. I highly recommend visiting your interview location the day before your interview. Map out your route and how you’ll get there – car, Lyft, metro, bus? Take note of what traffic delays you run into, and consider popping your route into Google Maps to learn about common backups around the time you’re expected to arrive. Review your interview instructions. Make sure you have the correct building identified. By completing a full run-through the day before, you’ll be equipped to arrive at your appointment in a timely manner.

Once you arrive day-of, you’ll likely be asked who you’re meeting with – so take this time to figure that out and remember their name(s). This will help avoid flipping through calendars and scrambling to figure out just who is supposed to be greeting you.

Showing up on time, and knowing who you’re there to meet, will take another source of stress off your plate.


Congratulations on scoring your big interview!

By following these tips, you’ll feel more prepared as you walk in – and your true self can shine. If you still need some support around interviewing – or even if you have no idea where to begin, book your free coaching session HERE with Coach Teague to discuss what career preparation options are available to you through our partner Ama La Vida, they’ve got amazing resources for interview preparation & coaching and so much more, check them out!

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