Today we’re introducing you to our latest Guru To Watch: A visionary, passionate action-taker and a driving force to create greater connection within business and communities, Amy Radunz!

The vibrant and charismatic CEO of Secrets in the Garden and co-founder of Secrets Organic Box, Amy is driving a new way of doing business, a ‘holistic way to business’, where Collaboration and Wellness are at the core. Inspiring women around the world to confidently step into a life which is led from their hearts.


The best part of my job is…

The People! All the beautiful people I meet. I created Secrets in the Garden to bring together inspiring and heart-centred leaders to share their Secrets to success, as a result I created such a dream world where my days involve seeking out and connecting with inspiring and beautiful people. Then at the other end, I get to work with other thought leaders to transform so many people’s lives who go on to impact their families and/or their staff. It’s a beautiful circle and ripple effect I am grateful to be apart of

I chose to enter this field of work because…

I started Secrets in the Garden simply from a personal challenge! I gave myself a challenge for a whole year to following my fears. I called it “following your butterflies.” You know those moments in life you have butterflies in your stomach? Well we all know that they are simply moments of fear right? It’s your body telling you you are a little uncertain of what’s going to happen next. I decided for a whole year whenever I felt those butterflies in my stomach that would be my trigger to go and break through that fear. This saw me facing public speaking, being vulnerable with strangers and saw me decide to launch Secrets in the Garden – with the vision to create Australia’s largest women’s festival

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

The same challenge many business owners face, is the negative self talk. I have run major events for over 10 years, but when you launch your own business, this little thing called ‘doubt’ creeps into your mind, and it may seem minor at first, but it is the biggest hurdle one can face in any area of life. It is the first trigger for when you start to question whether you are capable. Adapting skills and resources to overcome doubt has been my greatest challenge but has also provided the greatest reward.

The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are….

The misconception of how much time, resources and funds go into events. Only people who have worked within the event industry understand how much goes on behind the scenes. My team spend 10-14 months preparing for 1 day. When people complain about spending a few hundred dollars to be apart of a festival to our size, there is s misunderstanding of the hours of staff time, marketing activities and other over head costs associated with one day to bring over 3000 people to the festival.

The most influential person in my career has been…

There have been so many. I live by the phrase “you are the average of the people you spend the most time with.” For me I take this to the next level and surround myself with people through the books and videos I read as well.

So I study the minds of great leaders including Richard Branson, Oprah, Dr Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra, Napolean Hill, Marianne Williamson and many more

If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

There is no such thing as perfect, you have all the skills, tenacity and wit to achieve all you want to achieve, get started now because all the “education” and “credentials” you feel you need to acquire are simply a distraction from delving head first into the real growth and credentials found in business.


My greatest achievement has been…

Some might think that I would say achieving my goal of creating Australia’s largest festival, or speaking in front of thousands of people. However I truly feel my greatest achievement comes from within…learning to put myself first. We cannot truly live a fulfilled life unless we fully understand all of who we are, we raise our standards and we nurture our souls. The day this sunk in, which was only recently to be honest, I found this to be a far greater reward.

The greatest personal challenge I have over come is…

The fear of judgement. A fear which impacts so many, the fear of judgement can be restrictive and create stagnation in growth.

Judgement restricted me in truly connecting with people, friends, colleagues, staff and even in my intimate relationship. A fear of judgement comes up for many perfectionists, and was extremely exhausting. Removing the fear enabled true connection at a deeper level, which saw my areas of my business and personal relationships dramatically change.

I don’t understand why…

We don’t spend more time playing more! Adults are too serious!

I try to relax by…

Connecting with nature.

My biggest fear is…

Not living out my true potential.

I can’t live without…

Nature. If I go without connecting to nature every few days I start to go a little batty.

I really wish I had…

A time machine.

The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

In the end we are all alone. There is so much fear.

If I had one super power, it would be….

Gifting people with the ability to understand one another.

If I could invite four people to a dinner party, they’d be…

Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Dr Wayne Dyer and Richard Branson.


Secrets in the Garden

Ultimate women’s festival

Melbourne: 22 October 2016

Perth: 2 April 2017

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