An Interview with Steph Demetrious

Stephanie Demetrious Reiki Practitioner

Steph Demetrious is one of those incredible souls that once you have met her, you are drawn to her beautiful energy & outlook on life – like a moth to a flame.  She is not only a hugely talented and passionate Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner, but also a loving mother of a growing family.

Where Steph radiates the most- is when she is supporting others to help shed their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, to reconnect with their intuitive self and create their dream life filled with authentic happiness, purpose and love.

Steph is a big believer in walking her talk and is constantly curious about the contrast we experience in life. Steph devotedly practices the tools she teaches to learn the lessons that allow her to move through life’s dis-ease, making way for her to whole-heartedly honour and action her intuition with unwavering trust.

These are just a few reasons why Steph Demetrious is this weeks fabulous #GuruToWatch! We hope you enjoy her interview.x


The best part of my job is…

Supporting beautiful clients and witnessing them reconnect with their true authenticity. Such a beautiful gift.


I chose to enter this field of work because…

Finding Kinesiology completely changed my life! It allowed me to find the courage to be 100% authentically me and to follow my dreams! Totally liberating and freeing!

The greatest challenge in my career has been…

Overcoming my own self doubts and limiting beliefs. Learning to silence the ego and live from an authentic intuitive heart space.


The funniest misconceptions about my industry/company/brand are….

That you need ‘special powers’ to become intuitive and to work with energy. I used to believe this. But, we are all innately intuitive and we are all energy. It’s all about turning within and allowing ourselves to trust our intuitive feelings.


The most influential person in my career has been…

My Son. I want show my kids that you can achieve anything you want to in life. That thought lights up my soul and inspires me to follow my journey in line with my heart and souls desires.


If I could give one piece of advice to my 18-year-old self, it would be….

Trust your intuition! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My 18 year old self probably wouldn’t listen, because you know… I knew it all back then! Haha!


My greatest achievement has been…

Giving birth naturally! This was my bigger fear for as long as I can remember. With a whole lot of kinesiology and learning to quieten my ego, I did it! Most empowering experience ever!


The greatest personal challenge I have over come is…

Dropping so many limiting thought patterns and ‘shoulds’, and allowing my intuition to be my guide. And stepping into my own authenticity and owning who I am.


I don’t understand why…

Mindfulness, self development, self-love, communication etc aren’t an important part of the curriculum in our education system.


I try to relax by…

Doing yoga, meditating writing, reading in a hot bath with yummy essential oils, spending time in nature with my family, going to a gig, spending precious time with my friends.


My biggest fear is…

Not bringing the vision I have of everything I know I can be to life.


I can’t live without…

My family and friends, note book (or something to write on when intuitive inspiration strikes! Even a napkin will do;)), crystals, yoga and meditation


I really wish I had…

a good singing voice! its really terrible! haha!


The greatest lesson I have learnt is….

To have unwavering trust in my intuition, to know that I’m completely supported by the divine universe and to let go of how things ‘should’ look.


If I had one super power, it would be….

To be able to show everyone the true beauty and possibility that lies within themselves.


If I could invite four people to a dinner party, they’d be…

Eckhart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein, Oprah Winfrey and my hubby, the incredible conversations would be flowing!


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If you’d like to be exposed to more of Steph’s incredible work, why not join us at our Melbourne Self Love Series and hear her amazing session on ‘Unravelling our mind’.  Click below for more event information.

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  1. Bec says:

    I love the “special powers” comment haha we often search outeardly for guidance and approval but like you said it’s about trusting yourself, your own intuition. This is something I’m working on – in life and biz!

    • The Daily Guru Team says:

      We loved the super powers comment too 🙂

      • Hi Bec!

        I’m glad you love it! Hehe!
        I believed it for years before I started to trust the voice inside that was telling me that ‘everything I desired to know is inside me’.
        It’s a constant practice of trust and actioning your intuition, that in turn builds more trust:)

        One day at a time, one intuitive pull at a time:)

        Big love and hugs,

  2. A beautiful interview with a beautiful woman!! xx

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