50 Easy Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Nov 4

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Rebecca Sparks

“Sometimes only paper can fully listen to you”

A hugely valuable personal growth tool is the use of Journal Prompts. Bringing awareness to our most common thoughts and consciously choosing to reprioritize, refocus, and redirect these thoughts, can have the most profound impact on our life and emotional wellbeing – especially during these challenging times of late.

However, at times, journalling can feel like a struggle or a monotonous practice, which begins to lose its power & appeal.   This is when journaling prompts can offer a lot of value.  Helping you really dive into the necessary potent areas, ready for self-discovery and exploration.


What are journal prompts?

Your self-discovery journal will have thoughts, ideas, and answers to questions that get at the core of your beliefs, values, interests, quirks, and even your faults, too.

The goal is to dig deep and have you come face-to-face with your truth, also with your shadows and deepest fears. journaling can be just keeping a record of your life but, to me, the real magic happens when you use it as a way to express your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling prompts are a great way to get to know yourself, as you answer each question another part of the puzzle that is you emerges. as you go along your journey you will be able to look back and reflect on what you have written.

You can journal daily or whenever the mood strikes and you can use prompts to get you started or just let your mind go and see what comes up.

If this sounds like something which can help you, here are 50 of my favourite journal prompts for you to enjoy.

Journal Prompts for self-discovery

Journalling to help you connect with your true self



    1. What do I love about myself?
    2. Do I feel physically healthy? Why or why not?
    3. Do I feel mentally healthy? Why or why not?
    4. What am I grateful for right now? name 10 things.
    5. If there were no limits in life, what would I do?
    6. What do I believe in?
    7. Do I care about what other people think of me? why?
    8. What do I need more in my life?
    9. What do I need less in my life?
    10. Am I happy with where I live? If not, then what would I prefer?
    11. What brings me the most peace and balance in life?
    12. What is holding me back in life?
    13. Do I make decisions from love or from fear?
    14. What are 2 things I can do daily to improve myself?
    15. Do I do things out of my comfort zone?
    16. write a letter to your future self.
    17. Am I pushing myself to my fullest potential?
    18. What are my biggest fears in life?
    19. When do I feel fear about moving forward in life, do I listen to the fear and stop or push through it?
    20. What’s my dream job?
    21. describe my perfect day in every single detail.
    22. What would I like to accomplish in life?
    23. Do I compare myself to anyone? Am I jealous? why?
    24. Where do I see myself in 6 months? one year? five years? ten years?
    25. Do I feel successful in my life?
    26. Am I holding onto people, emotions, or things that no longer serve me or make me feel good? why?
    27. Do I use a lot of negative or positive self-talk throughout the day?
    28. If I could change one thing about myself, what would that be?
    29. What habit would I most like to break?
    30. What keeps me motivated?
    31. Do I practice self-care daily?
    32. What are the hobbies I would like to do more of?
    33. What would life look like for me if I created more balance?
    34. Am I able to forgive others?
    35. What skills do I have that may create my dream life?
    36. Where am I putting in too much energy?
    37. Where am I not putting in enough energy?
    38. What needs healing?
    39. Does anything need releasing?
    40. What needs accepting?
    41. Are my current routines getting closer to my goals? If not, what can I do to change them?
    42. What is one behavior holding me back from living my best life? (it can even be scrolling on social media)
    43. What do I value most in life?
    44. How am I moving toward achieving my biggest goals?
    45. set a three-minute timer and write whatever comes to mind.
    46. How do I contribute to the good of the world?
    47. How do I enjoy spending my free time?
    48. Am I a patient person? If not, what can I do to be more patient?
    49. Am I kind to myself? How can I be more kind to myself?
    50. What would make me happy right now?

There you have it! 50 beautiful ideas of self-discovery journal prompts.

I know there’s a lot to take in so just dip into it every day choosing one or two prompts at a time.  Enjoy!





Journal Prompts

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