I'm Rebecca Sparks

Founder of The Daily Guru, Confidence & Life Transition Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Educator, Adventurer & Goal-Getter!

I help women to believe and invest in themselves. I also help them to carve out their own exciting and fortuitous path in life.  

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Do you know what really lights me up?

Helping women own and celebrate their strengths, their uniqueness AND to push them to live their life on their terms.!

Many women find it difficult to see and believe in their potential, NOR are they good at asking for help.
Things just seem to get in the way.... other peoples needs, lacking self-belief, life interruptions, low self-confidence, responsibilities, finances...etc.

Many women are great at being the go-to person for all their friends & family, BUT when it comes to themselves — asking for help or some necessary thinking space, this doesn’t come that easily!


This is why I started The Daily Guru!

Because this was me not that long ago. 
I was always that person for family, friends & colleagues, who would help others through any crisis or challenging circumstance, I would take on their problems as my own and become SO focused on everyone else’s needs; I would be left feeling exhausted and with limited energy for my life, career goals, and aspirations.

I learned the hard way, that we MUST put our own oxygen mask on first. This can be an extremely challenging transition to go through, but trust me, it is the most rewarding, life changing process, and the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. If you want to make your time on this planet enjoyable, meaningful and fulfilling - it's actually essential

Having gone through this process myself this became my mission! Which Is why I launched The Daily Guru!

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with purpose, abundant freedom, joy & success. 


Daring to dream big. Authenticity & Investing in oneself are crucial. Routines and productive habits get you ahead in life. Travel & Adventure feed my soul. Cutting out the fluff to make room for the very best.


Gossip. Senseless complaining.  
In-Action, Bad manners. Treading on others to get to your destination. Chasing approval. 


Checking in with our amazing Membership Community. On coaching calls with my delightful clients. Podcasts. With my gorgeous family & friends 

daily rituals

Early Morning Coastal Walk. A BIG Coffee. Completing my Productivity Day Planner. Early sessions with my USA Clients, And goooood skincare (Drunk Elephant, I praise you!) 

Why do I recognise these challenges for women?

Whether you’re looking to build self-confidence, tackle a big goal, or overcome a major setback in your life, The Daily Guru and its Coaching, Courses and resources, can help you do this.  Its  one of the most successful processes to invest in during these important times of change!

We all need someone on our corner, someone purely dedicated to guide & support us in the area we have feel most lost, deflated, or stuck in.  
My Coaching clients & our DG tribe love having someone there for them as they prepare to tackle a big goal & knowing they’re in safe hands to finally take the leap! 

They are also huge fans of having someone keep them accountable as they go through the necessary steps to move them closer to what they want in their life & away from what they don’t.  

I simply love helping women to create truly fulfilling lives, life on their own terms!

Why I Love What I Do


"I have had the absolute privilege to be coached by Rebecca Sparks for the past year"

Rebecca is everything you want in a life and leadership coach. She is caring, empathetic and empowering. Through our coaching Rebecca has helped me to strip back the layers that have built up over the years and make sense of what is important to me by respectfully challenging me to let go of what no longer serves me and helping me to build healthy beliefs and behaviours. 

I have learned so much about myself, what i want and who I want to be. Thank you Rebecca! 


Yes, This Really Works!

"Working with Rebecca sparks has been the best investment for my personal growth"

 I had always been a confident person, full of life and zest. but, after having successfully battled breast cancer, I found myself having to re-boot my direction and all of my plans for retirement. I needed professional help with confidence, direction, motivation, inspiration, planning and accountability, for all of my goals.


"In every other area of my life I wanted the best, but for some reason, my professional life was the only area that I did not think required professional guidance.

Enter: Rebecca Sparks who, with our first session, was already able to elevate my thinking around career and work/life balance in a way that was cathartic and eye-opening to say the least.  I will be forever grateful to Rebecca Sparks.”


Want to look in the mirror & be proud of the person looking back at you?

let's work together!