5 Important Facts About What Makes Men and Women Different

Apr 20

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So what exactly makes Men and women different?  A very interesting topic to explore. We absolutely are different in so many ways, and there are some things that only one gender will ever understand. Read on to learn about these differences and how they affect both sexes.

Men & Women have entirely different ways of thinking

Men and women think differently because they have different brains. While men tend to use logic and reason more often than emotion, women tend to rely more heavily on emotions. This difference in brain structure has an impact on how people think and behave. Overall, men and women think differently due to various biological differences such as brain structure and hormones. To foster better understanding between men and women, it is important to recognize the five key differences between how men and women think

It’s no secret that men and women are different. But beyond the obvious physical disparities, many of us don’t realize just how much deeper our differences go. The differences between men and women are real and important.

Especially when it comes to relationships.

It has been documented that men and women are wired differently. We can observe this difference on a cognitive level, an emotional level, on the basis of hormones and even at a cellular level. Research has demonstrated how unique gender brain wiring is. It impacts many aspects of life from communication tendencies to emotional regulation. On top of this knowledge we can see the hormonal differences that people have; heightened chemical levels impacting thinking, behaviour, and emotions again related to gender type. Lastly but just as important is the number of cells found in mens’ vs womens’ brains , providing insight into the biological aspects of femininity and masculinity.Men and women different

Even though most men have been on a different path than women all along, for some reason we somehow expect those paths to converge when we enter a romantic relationship. For many of us, we naturally assume that while our counterparts might look different, they should think, feel, behave and act like us.

It’s a dangerous way of thinking that causes plenty of frustration, resentment, disappointment and even heartache when we try to, well, relate.


Hello Mars. Hello Venus.


Despite our vast differences, men and women can complement each other in extraordinary ways — as long as we try to understand and embrace these beautiful contradictions, complexities and differences.

5 Important Facts About What Makes Men and Women Different

Today on The Daily Guru, we are sharing some of the more generalized differences between men and women and how they can affect the dynamics of a relationship. At closer inspection, it is noted that characteristics such as external and internal dialogue, emotions, identity, intimacy and roles and responsibilities can diverge between the two sexes in varying ways.


External Vs Internal dialogue

Especially when it comes to conflict, the female brain is generally wired to think things through or vent externally. Verbally.

Women want to talk about it and tend to push the subject until they feel somewhat satisfied.

Men, on the other hand, often choose to deal with things internally — and avoid processing through conversation. They’ll put up a wall, retreat or pull away. They prefer to figure things out on their own and maybe talk about things later.

Men generally deal with stress by forgetting about or ignoring their feelings. Women de-stress by talking it out.



Women tend to crave deeper, interpersonal relationships than men. Women have an innate curiosity about people, feelings and relationships, whereas men tend to get more caught up in practicalities and logic.

Women want to be understood. Men don’t have the same need for understanding — they instead crave acknowledgement, respect and appreciation.

Women are more expressive with their emotions. Women are filled with more intense feelings than men, and often know how to articulate those feelings better. They can definitively be described as more emotionally expressive: able to express a spectrum of emotions, ranging from joy and excitement to sorrow and dismay.

This heightened awareness of their own emotions also allows women to show varied levels of empathy when speaking with others. Furthermore, a woman’s innate connection to her own feelings grants her the ability to comprehend what others are going through on an emotional level.

On top of that, their readiness to communicate even the most complex aspects of their feeling encourages growth both in themselves and those with whom they interact.



It could be our feminine, more maternal side coming into play here, but women tend find their identity in relationships. They can be drawn to the idea of the relationship, not just the person.

Men more commonly find a sense-of-self in their work, hobbies and other vocations. Men often seek to define themselves through the success of their pursuits. It’s common for men to use their work, hobbies, and other areas of focus as a platform for self-definition. Finding purpose and meaning within these activities brings a unique sense of accomplishment to men that strengthens their overall identity.




A woman’s sexual drive can ebb and flow with her menstrual cycle, whereas a man’s can be more constant. A woman is usually more stimulated by touch, conversation and romance and drawn to personality over looks.

A man is often initially stimulated by sight. Visual stimulation from captivating sights is often a prominent feature of initial attraction for most men. From free works of art in public spaces to an unforgettable sunset that envelopes the clouds in its brilliant hue, these powerful visuals evoke passion and emotion.

A man can be instantly taken back to the simple destinations of childhood, when the beauty of his favorite National Park felt sublime or revel right away in the rock formations that jut out into vibrant oceanscapes. Not only can humans be moved by sights but they can also get a rush through seeing beloved experiences translated on screen too. Whatever it may be, a man’s visual stimuli are varied and can generate lasting impressions.


Roles and responsibility

Men and women often approach relationships differently due to societal expectations, such as an expectation for mothers to cook and care for the children and fathers to be the breadwinners. Outside of traditional defining roles like this, there can also be differing roles such as accountants, chefs, organisers, or disciplinarians.

Given these differences, it is important for both to understand and honour their own unique purpose in the relationship, as well as to acknowledge and respect the unique role of their partner. Such mutual respect allows both partners to thrive, paving the way for secure attachments and successful relational partnerships.

5 important facts about what makes men and women different

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