Have you ever heard the phrase, “what other people think of you is none of your business” -- maybe your Mother said it to you, maybe you read it in a book + at the time you didn’t understand what it meant, or maybe this is the first time you’re hearing it and it makes SO much sense!

This podcast Episode digs into WHY so many of us find ourselves showing up inauthentically, only to make sure other people will approve.

“How To Stop People Pleasing!"

Its not you its me! 


💡 We can’t control someone else’s thoughts
💡 Why people pleasing is actually inauthenticity
💡 The benefits of deciding to show up as your true self

Episode # 2

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We absolutely love helping women live fearlessly confident lives,  and this podcast tackles this biggest topics to make this happen. These are the 'C'Bombs of Confidence!

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"I’ve listened to them all but I have number 1 on repeat to work through as there is so much meaningful content.."

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I'm Rebecca Sparks - Founder of The Daily Guru. Im also a Self Development Coach, a Speaker, and a Podcaster.  

What drives me most in life is a fascination & curiosity with how we can make the most of our short time here on this planet. How do we make our lives feel meaningful? How can we make life feel fulfilling? And how can we turn these elements into a lifestyle? 

My mission is to help women explore these topics and to design a life that taps into all of their essentials.

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