Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Starting and sustaining your own business can take a massive amount of self-confidence, drive, focus, innovation, and courage. Not every single person is cut out to be a business owner because not everyone has what it takes to start and to run a business successfully. Perspective has a lot to do with it. Here are 7 things successful business owners see, that the other ones don’t:

1 Money

Successful business owners have the ability to see money as a means to make more money. They see money as a tool rather than an end. When people come into a lot of money, like winning the lottery or receive an inheritance, unsuccessful people will take this money and buy themselves a luxury car or they will splurge on something that doesn’t really give them a return on their investment.  On the other hand, entrepreneurs will invest. Successful people will view an influx of money to be a business opportunity that can yield an even higher return.  These people develop self-restraint as a habit.

2 Time & Energy

Successful people value time. They have an ability to be intensely focused. Their time and attention cannot be easily squandered on something that’s meaningless or unproductive. They tend to be highly organised in their processes. They have laser-like focus because they’re not comfortable with wasting their energy and time on something other than what they’re aiming for. Unsuccessful people, however, seem to think they can afford to lose some time and so they will indulge in activities that will steal away hours of their day without having to accomplish anything that brings them closer to their goals.

3 Risks

Successful business people are described as positive realists. They make “smart” gambles. In order to be an entrepreneur, you must be able to handle risks. Unless you want to stay in the comforts of a 9-5 job as an employee. Successful entrepreneurs cannot be too pessimistic or they won’t be able to move forward. They can’t be too optimistic either or they’ll be risking too much. They believe in taking smart and calculated risks.

4 Obstacles

Unlike average people, successful entrepreneurs viewed challenges and obstacles as opportunities to do something better or to create something different. When faced with a “No”, they’ll find a way to get their “Yes”.  The rest of the world may see these barriers are a chance to throw in the towel. The reason why successful people are successful is not that they never faced any challenges. It’s the way they responded to these obstacles that made them the huge success that they are right now.

5 Choices

Successful people want to know their choices. They make each decision by comparing their options. They go with the course that yields the most value. Unsuccessful people tend to focus on the expenses, without seeing if this kind of expenditure will yield a higher value.

6 Ideas

Successful people think of ideas that are beyond their capabilities. They are always thinking for things to do beyond their comfort zones. They are after personal and business growth. Instead of being practical and limiting themselves, they push themselves into situations that will require them to stretch their skills.

7 Vision

No person has ever become successful without vision. Successful entrepreneurs are driven by the idea that they can make their visions into reality. When it comes to the journey to doing so, they don’t care if they’re mocked or rejected for trying to do things differently.


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