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The Self Confidence Quiz – to help you uncover your blindspots!

Mar 10

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Do you believe in yourself? Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? Confidence is an integral part of personal happiness, fulfilling relationships and achievement. This Quiz is designed to evaluate your general level of self-esteem and determine whether you need to work on your self-image. Take this Confidence test to find out your true sense of self.

Our very insightful assessment below is designed to evaluate your current levels of self-confidence. If you score too low, do not worry: Being aware of the problem is the first step to the solution and therefore, Self-Confidence is something we can help you cultivate

The Confidence Quiz is a series of questions that assesses how you deal with self-doubt and your ability to act.  It takes 5 minutes to assess your confidence. Learn where you stand so you can begin to build and improve this scalable skill and finally take action to own your success.



This self-assessment will help you explore how you are currently feeling related to your self-confidence. 

Complete each sentence below by selecting one of the four options about how confident you are currently feeling. Select the sentence which best reflects how you think & feel about the subject matter.


When it comes to achievement and success, I am… 

a) Mostly confident in my capacity for success and expect good outcomes. 

b) Confident in some areas of work and life but have doubts in several others. 

c) Just confident enough to maintain the status quo, but not feeling capable of making my life or career much better. 

d) Lacking confidence in most of my abilities and feel very limited in my capacity for success. 


In social interactions, I feel…

a) Completely confident walking into a room full of new people and conversing easily. 

b) Slightly uncomfortable meeting new people but force my way through it. 

c) Very uncomfortable in new social situations and try to stay invisible. 

d) So uncomfortable that I avoid these situations entirely. 


Compared to other people I know, I…

a) Am just as intelligent and successful as most people I know. 

b) Probably could be as smart and successful if I felt sure of myself. 

c) Am less successful and capable than most people I know. 

d) Am the least intelligent and successful of my peers and family. 


At work or in social situations, I…

a) Often take initiative and share my thoughts and ideas easily. 

b) Sometimes take initiative and share ideas, but only if I feel pretty sure I’ll be accepted. 

c) Rarely take initiative or share my thoughts and ideas. 

d) Almost never take initiative or share my thoughts and ideas. I feel too nervous. 


Generally I feel…

a) Good about myself and relaxed and at ease with who I am. 

b) Okay with who I am, but sometimes insecure and anxious. 

c) Mostly uncomfortable about myself and often insecure and anxious. 

d) Negative and unhappy about myself and almost always insecure and anxious.


When it comes to my appearance and body image, I am… 

a) Happy with how I look and how others perceive my appearance. 

b) Mostly satisfied with my appearance but have areas of my body and face that I dislike and that others find unattractive. 

c) Not very attractive and feel very unhappy about my appearance and body. 

d) Greatly unhappy about my appearance and feel a sense of shame/judgment from others. 


When it comes to trying new things or taking risks, I am…

a) Almost always willing to give it a try and don’t worry much if it doesn’t work out. 30 

b) Willing to try if I feel secure about the potential outcome and the risk of failure is very small. 

c) Rarely willing to try new things or take risks. 

d) Never willing to try new things or take risks. 


When making big decisions or solving problems, I will… 

a) Always rely on my own judgment, intuition, and skills, knowing I’m as capable as anyone else. 

b) Sometimes seek reinforcement or input from others, as I don’t completely trust my own judgment.

c) Go to others first for ideas/input and follow their advice even if it goes against my own judgment. 

d) Always seek the direction of others because they know the answers better than I do. 


When I have negative, limiting thoughts about myself, I…

a) Can easily dismiss them and move on with confidence, knowing that past mistakes, problems, or failures don’t define me. 

b) Sometimes I believe the thoughts and beliefs and feel bad about myself for a time, but eventually let them go. 

c) Feel trapped by them quite frequently and feel unmotivated and depressed.

d) Accept those thoughts as the truth about who I am, and nearly always feel unmotivated and depressed. 


In my close relationships with my spouse, partner, and family, I feel…

a) Lovable, likable, and secure about myself and the relationship. 

b) Mostly secure and likable but sometimes insecure in the relationship. 

c) Worried much of the time that I’m not good enough or lovable. 

d) Always insecure and worried about rejection. 



Calculate your self-confidence score by giving yourself: 

  • 4 points for every (a) answer 
  • 3 points for every (b) answer 
  • 2 points for every (c) answer 
  • 1 point for every (d) answer ]
  • Finally, add these all together to give yourself an overall Score.


Scores Interpretation & Development Opportunities

If you scored between 34-40 – you have an average to high degree of self-confidence.

You feel good about yourself and about your intelligence and ability to succeed. You feel optimistic about the future, are comfortable in social settings and when meeting new people. You have a healthy attitude about your appearance and can take risks and move past life difficulties without much trouble. You have strong, positive relationships and generally feel comfortable in your own skin. Look at any areas where you answered with b, c, or d responses. These are specific areas where you can identify development opportunities to work on your confidence to build on your success and stretch yourself further. 

If you scored between 26-33 – you have a moderate degree of self-confidence.

There are some areas where you feel capable and self-assured, but other areas where you are lacking confidence. These latter areas can begin to undermine your confidence in all areas if you don’t acknowledge them and work to improve your confidence. 

If your low confidence scores relate to your ability to be successful, begin by exploring the following questions: 

  • Why do you doubt yourself and your abilities? 
  • What triggering event or events undermined your confidence? 
  • Are those events still relevant?
  • What skills do you need to develop/improve to feel more confident? 

If you have difficulty with social interactions, identify, explore the following questions: 

  • Why do you feel uncomfortable in social settings or in your relationships? 
  • How can you challenge yourself in small ways to strengthen your communication skills and your comfort level around others? 

Review the areas where you answered with b, c, or d. Pick the area that is causing you the most difficulty and begin focusing your energy there. Take small development steps to improve your confidence in this area, then move on to the next area.

If your score was between 16-25 – you have a low degree of self-confidence. 

Often you don’t feel confident in who you are, your interpersonal skills, or your ability to be successful. You may have some areas of self-confidence, but they are often overshadowed by your lack of confidence in other areas. Your low confidence is holding you back from opportunities and relationships that could be life-changing. The longer you leave these confidence issues unaddressed, the more they may impact your overall self esteem as your feelings of worthiness sink lower. The concern is that low self-esteem can turn into debilitating mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 

Taking steps to work on your confidence will help you gain the inner strength to achieve your dreams, have better relationships, and feel happier. The support of a coach or counsellor* may particularly benefit you in helping determine the triggers and causes for your low self-confidence so you can start to turn it around. You will also become more confident once you learn the skills that will support you and begin to practice them. 


Below 15 – you have very low self-confidence. Your self-esteem is likely very low as well. 

When you don’t feel good about yourself, your appearance and your capacity for success, you can feel trapped in a vicious cycle that can lock you in despair, negativity and fear. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious about your lack of confidence and low self-esteem, and you’ve been feeling this way for awhile, it would be recommended that you seek help from a professional therapist or your doctor. Don’t allow your depression to go untreated. As you begin to address the issues underneath the depression and self esteem problems, you’ll get stronger and more motivated to take steps to improve your self-confidence. 


Some of the work in building your confidence should also improve your feelings of self-worth. The more confident actions you take, the better you’ll begin to feel about yourself. Just learning the skills needed to improve your confidence can give you a sense of purpose that lifts your spirits and supports your mental health.



Building Self Confidence

No matter what your self-confidence level is right now, you can probably improve it. But you need to believe in yourself and your capabilities before anyone else will.

Bandura’s theory of self-efficacy is a great place to start looking for ways to improve the way you see your abilities. According to the theory, there are four sources of self-efficacy:

  1. Mastery experiences – things you have succeeded at in the past.
  2. Vicarious experiences – seeing people who are similar to you succeed.
  3. Social persuasion – hearing from others that you’re capable.
  4. Emotional status – staying positive, and managing stress.

Three of these sources (the first, second, and fourth) are within your control, so we’ll look at them more closely. However, while we can’t force people to say good things about us (the third source), we can increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback by being more confident in general.

Here is a great short video from TED with 3 tips on how to improve your self confidence


If you’d like to start making some changes to your Self Confidence, you should also check out The Daily Guru Podcast ” The ‘C’Bomb!  The number One Confidence Podcast, covering off all the topics to help you improve your Self Esteem!

Self confidence podcast

Confidence Quiz

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