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Welcome to the final part of our series to get you motivated and on your way to reaching those new year goals!

In the first part of this series, we discussed setting your goals and creating a vision board that helps your mind focus on those goals, guiding you towards them all the time and keeping them part of your daily awareness.  Whilst in the second part, we looked at reflecting on the goals themselves and how to identify the challenges and obstacles that you will need to overcome to succeed.

Today, we will be looking at the final part of reaching those goals, putting it all together to form your action plan for success.

This is the key element of successful goal setting, and one so many people never do, which is why the failure rate for resolutions is so high. Having a clearly laid out plan allows your mind to focus on each step in turn, and you will find each step much easier to deal with, than the wider concept of your goal.

Setting up your action plan is not as difficult as it may seem. If you ask yourself a few questions, you can begin to lay out the actions that need to be completed at each step of the way.

The questions to ask are:

Do I have everything I need to complete my goal?

What do I have to acquire to reach my goal?

Do I have all the skills I need to complete my goal?

Do I need expert help to reach my goal?


Think carefully about the answers to each of these questions, as they will provide you with the steps you need to take in your action plan to reach your goal.

Carrying on our example of the trip abroad, we previously identified that debt would prevent the trip, and so the first two questions would emphasize that we need money to clear the debts to afford to take that wonderful trip. Knowing that is a step we need to take, we can then work out how to get the funds. This could be selling off some unwanted possessions, finding an extra job in the evenings and so on. The important thing is to create a series of smaller steps that lead you to the big one, in this case, the trip.

These questions may present even more obstacles for you to overcome- but do not be discouraged.  As the great Earl Nightingale said…

I hope that all of you are able to use this to help you to reach your goals, there is no instant solution to reaching goals, it takes focus, perseverance, and effort.

But your vision board and action plan will keep your mind focused on that goal for you, so never give up, keep going, follow your plan and you will find the success you truly deserve!


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