There are many things left unsaid.

Moments where you choose to silence. A slow burning fire has been building over the years — trapped emotions are waiting for the right people, the right place and the right time to surge their way out of you.

Emotions always find a way to be expressed, eventually.


Why do you hide your emotions?

 Why do you shut down your truth?

 Why do you feel you need to have it all together?

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Vulnerability is a common feeling we choose to protect. We protect our heart, for we know how expansive it is. We know it holds a wild truth. It bears no logic, rationality or reason. We fear being seen as wild, crazy, emotional and, at times, irrational. We think our open hearts are ‘too much’ for others to handle, so we shutdown. But it is in our heart where we hear that familiar voice.

The voice that feels safe, full and confident. A voice that feels like home.

You are energy and matter. You know this. This is nothing new! You are intrigued to know more about yourself but you’re also afraid of what that might mean for you.


Will I have to quit my job?

Will I break up with my partner?

Will I have to go through massive changes?

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The mind needs its counterparts to help it grow, for right now it only knows programmed pathways. Ignoring your heart energy stores rage, pain, anger, resentment, grief and sadness. None of these emotions are ‘bad’. However, the accumulated years of blocking them have you scared to give them a voice. An expression.


When you stop pretending you have it all together, when you quit trying to build walls that keep you closed off and when you give up the illusion of being perfect, you allow room to face yourself. To see the stories you’ve fed yourself to protect your heart. To hear the words that belittle your truth. To feel the absence of your authenticity.

Truly, give up the fight.

Aren’t you tired of your unfulfilling prophecies?

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  1. Louise says:

    Amazing – this couldn’t have come at a better time. How inspiring and yet brief, very to the point. Thank you Daily Guru, you regularly get me through hard times x

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