Start With Passion.
The most fulfilling and successful sidehustle is going to be one that you’re passionate about. After all, you need to be prepared to work on this thing after a long day and even on weekends so you want to ensure it’s something that truly inspires you.  Figure out who you are and what you love and use that as your starting point.


Brainstorm Ideas.
Once you have a few ideas that excite and motivate you, think about what opportunities there are in this space.  You can even google something as simple as “[your passion]” and “job” or side hustle” to open your mind to different ideas.  Remember to focus on ideas that allow for flexibility. For instance, if your passion is writing, perhaps your sidehustle could be blogging.  Or if you love photography, maybe you can start taking photographs at friend’s weddings. It’s ok to start small and gradually build it up over time.


Research the Market.
Once you have some ideas in mind, it’s time to do your research. Look at websites and social feeds and seek inspiration from other people doing a similar thing. Think about what you want your sidehustle to look like and how you can make that happen.


Build a Plan.
Breaking big ideas into mini goals, or bite-sized-pieces, helps the idea feel much more manageable and achievable and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed. Break the idea into as many small actionable steps as you can so that you have a clear and achievable plan which will help you get started.


 Leverage New, Cheap and Easy Platforms.
If you’re looking to start your own thing, use platforms to market yourself. Back in the day it used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to build a website of an app. Nowadays there are lots of cheap and easy ways to get going, such as WIX or SquareSpace. There are also great design platforms to help you with your marketing material such as Canva.


Stay Open Minded and Enjoy the Journey.
Maybe this will stay your sidehustle or maybe it will even become your career. Who knows? One of my clients started a sidehustle in writing and is now published all over Australia and half-way through his second book.  So stay open minded, learn as much as possible and enjoy the crazy ride.

Remember that we are here to help! If you want support kickstarting your side hustle, reach out to me for a free introductory coaching session!




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