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4 Tips to Staying High Energy on a Stressful Day

13 . 05 . 2020

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Sharon Kirstin

You’ve cut out sugar from your diet, at least a big chunk of it. You’re exercising regularly. You’re eating nutrient rich food. Avoiding stressful situations. Meditation and mindfulness are not just fancy mental health terms to you.

Yet, here you are, sitting at your desk with a bazillion to-do’s on your plate that let your brain spin out of control. The pressure of your deadlines magnifying in your neck and it becomes harder to breathe. Your body starts buzzing as you feel the rush of adrenalin streaming through your veins.

I remember feeling wired and unable to calm down after a busy work day at the fashion company that we pushed to being the most successful startup in Europe. I had already introduced regular meditation and yoga practice to keep up with the high energy demands in my career. But I was still looking for a better way to manage my energy levels and mindset during the busy workdays.

The only factor I could change was my attitude and how I dealt with the demands on my energy, not what was happening around me.

It all clicked into place when I learned about ‘energy work’ and how it can help me take back control over my energetic state. Tony Robbins says “Emotion is created by motion.” The way your body feels and the posture it is in determines your emotions. When you’re stressed, people can see it in your physique. But who consciously tunes in to their body when our focus is on mental activity at work. It’s often hard to notice that your breath and posture cater to a lower energy.

The good news is that you can maintain and invite a constant stream of fresh vital force energy with a few energy tricks planted strategically throughout your day.

#1 In the morning: Grounding Visualization

Mother Earth is a powerhouse that can transmute negative energies and support you with positive energy. For a long time, I thought grounding myself into the planet would mean buying into the chaos. I felt sensitive to people’s energy and didn’t want to take on more. But the opposite happened. I felt more peaceful and centered grounding myself daily.

Here’s how: Sit up straight at the side of your bed, feet touching the floor. Take a deep breath in and on the exhale close your eyes. Another deep inhale and on the exhale visualize that you’re sending electric cords in lightning speed down to the center of the earth. Visualize a crystalline core that shines in the most pristine light. Witness the connection happening. On your next inhale draw the energy from the earth’s core up through the soles of your feet and let it spread in your whole body. Notice how your energy feels different. Use this cord to exhale and send down any emotions you are ready to release.

#2 Secret weapon to get results: Intention

The intention muscle of many of us is still too weak, which leads to wishy washy results in our lives.  If we’re not clear on what we want, how can we ever expect to get it? Intention setting is a super easy and fun way to get instant manifestations.

Here’s how: First off, there are no limits to your intention setting practice. Set an intention for your day ahead. How do you want to feel? What do you want to accomplish? Or take it moment-to-moment and set clear intentions for a meeting result at work, the dinner experience with a friend or your workout goals. The sky is the limit! One thing is clear though: The clearer you are on what results you desire, the more likely you are to act in a way that you’ll get them. The result: you feel more energized and excited because you’re actively creating your life.

#3 SOS: Clearing difficult situations with others

Just heard a nasty comment from a coworker that made your toes curl? Or your boss bashed your presentation for no good reason? You know you need to shake the feeling to refocus on your work and be productive, but you just can’t let it go.

Here’s how: When we’re exposed to an emotionally challenging situation with another person we create energetic cords. It’s like invisible strings that tie our energy to the person and situation. This makes the feeling linger and drains our energy. Take a moment to breathe consciously. Deep breaths in and thorough breaths out to relax your nervous system. Then visualize the cords on your body. Notice where you see and feel them. Now imagine that you’re cutting them with the intention that they be released. See all people in the situation free from the cords and know that your command is enough to detach them from you. See them dropping off and disappearing. It’s done. You’re free. Bonus points for not reattaching them by replaying the scenario in your head.

#4 End of the day: Chakra Cleanse

One of the most potent tools to stay high on energy continuously is to clear your chakras. Chakras are the 7 energy centers of your body. They represent certain areas of your life. Clean chakras means high energy and flow in all areas of your life. When our chakras get cluttered with disempowering programs, mindset, feelings and cords, they slow down and no longer support a high vibe lifestyle with rapid manifestations.

Here’s how: Sit in a quiet space, take a deep breath in and on the exhale close your eyes. Visualize again that you are still grounded into the pristine core of the earth. This is where you will send all energies that no longer serve you. Now visualize that your higher self is sending you a crystalline white healing light. It’s hovering over your head. You set the intention that this healing light moves through your chakras, clears lower energies and recharges your chakras to their highest energy. Now witness the light moving from your crown chakra, to your third eye, to your throat chakra, your heart chakra, solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra. On the way down it picks up all debris and finally it moves out through your feet chakra into the core of the earth where any lower energies are transmuted into light.

Give these simple energy clearing tools a try and notice how your emotions, energy and life change. Higher energy starts within you. You have the power to generate and command energy. You are a powerhouse of energy. It’s your choice which energy you amplify in your vibration.


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