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How often to you find yourself daydreaming about the direction you would like your life to take?  Perhaps it involves working in a job that you love? Or maybe it’s about building your own passion-fuelled business? Or perhaps your vision is more focussed on having more free time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life? Whatever that vision looks like, ask yourself what significant steps are you currently taking to ensure this vision comes to fruition?

If the answer is “not much”, do not worry. You’re in the majority. However, I’m afraid that ten years down the line the comforting thought that most people do not take action to create the life they want will no longer be so comforting, as the results of your life will be disappointing.

Creating a life you love is no easy feat, but with a clear vision it’s attainable. Visualizing what you want out of life can push us to strive to reach that goal. It’s important that your vision be clear and realistic – this will not only inform the steps you take toward achieving it but also allow yourself to make adjustments as needed along the way.

Cultivating a positive attitude when working on your goals can help motivate participants in all stages of their journey and keep them feeling inspired. Having a vivid image of the life you wish for yourself provides clarity about what fuel is necessary to get there: resilience, ambition, drive and focus. As we take each step closer towards our ultimate destinations, our vision will continue lighting the way forward.

Having a strong sense of purpose can help you stay focused on the task at hand, allowing you to make progress in spite of obstacles that may arise along the way. It’s important to remember that having a clear vision for your future doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come true without any effort from your part. Instead, having a vision will help provide guidance and structure while also motivating you to do whatever is necessary in order to make it happen.

In order to get started on this journey, it’s important to begin by setting specific goals for what you want to accomplish or become. This could involve anything from working towards finding employment in an industry that interests you to launching a business venture inspired by something that excites or inspires you. Making sure these goals are realistic is key; don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, but also make sure they are achievable within reason so as not to set yourself up for disappointment down the line.

Once your goals have been established, it’s time to start taking action! Break down each goal into smaller tasks and set deadlines for when each task should be completed by; having something tangible allows us to hold ourselves accountable and keep track of our progress. Additionally, take some time out of each day devoted solely for planning and reflecting; this helps us remain organized and ensures we don’t lose sight of our vision.


So today we wish to arm you with all the tools and steps required to build the life you love. Are you ready…?

Here we go!


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The Prep


Write YOUR vision.

Its sounds like an obvious place to start but the first step is to write down exactly what you want your life to look like at the end of this process – in every area!! Add motivating images, quotes, people…whatever you need to make this vision compelling, real and YOURS! Writing your vision is as much about deciding what you want as it is about showing the intention to action it! Just by writing your vision down you are already showing intention to follow through. If you notice yourself saying, “I’ll do that another day”, your intention to create a life you love is not paramount. Post the vision where you can see it every day.

Struggling to figure out what you want?

Take a slow breath and take charge of your future. Start brainstorming ideas that define what success looks like for you. Make it sustainable, achievable, and personal. Write down big dreams and detach yourself from the fear of not knowing how these goals can be accomplished. Identify the qualities that you need to reach the edges of possibility,your purpose from living with intention. This is YOUR vision – what’s possible for your life when every step unapologetically aligns with who you are and where you truly find passion in action?

Carve a path with purpose, foster clarity and excitement towards your potential. Write down potential steps — no matter how small or insignificant — that will lead you in the right direction, fulfilling your own ideal opportunity. Believe in the power of taking responsibility to manifest the life that stirs up inspiration within your soul— YOUR VISION awaits commitment!

Define your values.

Are you currently clear on what your core values are? If you aren’t, it’s time to get clear!! Every decision you make about your passion and how you want your life to look should support or reflect your values.

Being aware of one’s own core values can help clarify what matters most in the grand scheme of things. Once identified, these core values will then become the foundation upon which all other decisions are based, from large goals such as career aspirations or financial investment strategies, down to everyday choices such as which hobbies brings us joy or who we choose to associate with on a regular basis. Ultimately, if our daily actions do not uphold our core values, then we risk feeling disconnected from our purpose in life as well as feeling unfulfilled in some way.

Identifying and living by your core values can be life-changing. It can help you to prioritize what matters most, feel more content and fulfilled, as well as stay true to who you are and direct your life accordingly in order for it to look the way you desire. Most importantly, having clarity over your core values will enable you to make mindful decisions that are truly reflective of you, resulting in a greater sense of personal success knowing that you’re doing exactly what feels right for you.

Without a doubt, investing the time to reflect on and uncover an understanding of your core values is worth it— every step towards intentionally creating a fantastic journey!


What are you putting up with?

What in your current life are you simply putting up with or just tolerating? Are there people or situations that drain your energy on a regular basis? If the answer here is “yes” then you need to start addressing these things one-by-one to make room for the good stuff coming your way. Once you’ve identified the areas that require work, it’s time for a spring clean of your day-to-day life! A de-clutter if you like. And this doesn’t just include physical clutter but the clutter of too many distractions, activities and commitments that suck your time and energy.


Make time for yourself.

It’s time to start setting daily or weekly appointments with yourself to work on your life passion actions. This will become a nourishing time where you get to reflect on what you are achieving and make decisions about what requires further focus. If you don’t set aside the time for the work, you will never reach your goal.


Share your vision.

Talk with the people in your life who need to know what you are working towards. When looking to make changes to our lives we all need some support to keep us on track and be a helpful booster when our energy dips slightly.

Talking with people is key on your path towards creating positive changes in your life– knowing what they think and understanding their point of view can help you to stay focused and motivated as you work towards your personal goals. Plus, when you feel overwhelmed or hit a roadblock along the way, having those around you who understand what you’re trying to achieve will keep you from straying off course.

It’s always good to stay connected with the people who matter to you and discussing your goals is one of the best ways to do this! When life throws unexpected curveballs and we’re looking for ourselves some shift or direction, sometimes it’s essential to have some support in our corner. People around us can provide guidance when considering big changes, be a motivation that everyday helps us crunch towards a long-term goal, and keep us on track even when we stumble momentarily along the way.


Building a life we love requires discipline, perseverance and hard-work – but if done right can produce amazing results! Starting off with a clear vision is key; this helps ensure that we stay focussed on our goals while providing motivation throughout our journey no matter how tough things may get along the way. With careful planning and dedication – the sky’s the limit!

Now that you have all of your preparation work covered the next step is to start taking action! Tomorrow’s article will take you through the valuable stages of taking action to ensure you are set for success with building the life you deserve.







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