Understanding your purpose — your direction — for your life is an amazing thing.


The question that often comes next, however, is: “When do I make it happen?”

We hear stories of grand adventures and throwing all caution to the wind in order to follow a purpose, but for most of us, the reality doesn’t allow for these grand gestures.

There’s bills to pay, relationships to navigate and for some, children to look after.




My husband and I dream of owning a small farm. We imagine sitting on a deck amongst the trees with chooks and pigs and our son running around. But we can’t immediately live that dream. We need to consider work, school for our son and the money it takes to buy and maintain a farm.

To know when we can follow our dream, we must first understand how. In other words, what needs to change in order for the dream to happen? Once we understand this, we can get clear on when our dream can flourish.




Here are five things you can do to help gain clarity around the ‘right time’:


OneGet clear on what the dream is




Grab yourself a big piece of paper and create three columns. In the first column, describe your current situation. In the third column describe the situation that you really want to be in (your purpose filled life). Then, in the second column, start to identify what areas need to change to get from column 1 to column 3.



Add some timeframes




Okay, I know timelines and planning isn’t sexy. It doesn’t lend to the romantic spontaneity that we often think about when imagining our dreams, but real life takes a little planning. For example, that car loan you have won’t just go away. So narrowing in on column 2, start considering when each change can happen. Once you do this you’ll have an idea of when you can actually start living out your dream. And that’s the exciting part!






It won’t always be easy and sometimes you may feel like giving up, so identify some key people in your life that are supportive of your dream chasing and talk to them about your goals. Explain the changes that you’ll be making and the timeframes, so they can support and encourage you along the way.






Each time you make one of those smaller changes, celebrate it! My husband and I sold our home and downsized into a rental, where we will stay for two years to save the money we need for our little farm. We celebrated that move with high fives, a nice dinner and we may even go on a weekend away.






When you’re finished celebrating your awesome hard work, take a moment to be grateful. Share your gratitude with the Universe, to those who supported you and yourself. Because you’re in a position that can work on making dreams happen and that’s amazing.




Following your purpose may take time. The journey may not become a romantic story to tell at dinner parties and to your grandchildren, but it will be worth it. It will show courage and bravery. It will give you and others hope that dreams are possible — and that, my friends, is an amazing perspective to have.


What are you doing today to follow your purpose and your dreams? Share with us in the comments below!

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