There are thousands of women out there sharing authentic, awesome content on social media that educates, motives and uplifts.

Movers and shakers who strike a chord with us on a daily basis with posts on everything from real food, self love, intuitive living and behind-the-scenes snapshots of getting creative and doing biz.

Here at The Daily Guru, we thrive on having so much inspiration at our fingertips — especially when it comes to all things wellness, personal growth and professional development.


Today we’re sharing just 5 of the Instagram accounts we’ve been crushing on this month — and we’d just love if you could add your own favourites to the list in the comments below!



Think decadent lounge rooms sprawled with pillows, antique picture frames on the walls, cacti on the windowsill and a ukulele … always a ukulele. West and Wild is a landscape and lifestyle design archive that will have you weak at the knees with inspiration for your next home do-over. Be warned, this one is dangerously tempting… you’ll be redesigning every room in the house before you know it.



This stationary and lifestyle brand is for the modern girl who has great style and a big heart. 2017 planners with colours and fonts to die for, cards, notes and postcards for your besties, design tips for your next creative project and the cutest knick knacks for your Christmas present wrapping. The Paper Bunny gets a big tick from us!

P.S. The flat lay photos are top-notch! We’re getting some pointers for our own feed.



Lace Wings in the account of the cheeky and witty Jules who loves food and admittedly, hates misused apostrophes. From gelato burgers, to life-sized wine bottles to Harry Potter, Jules entertains with her exquisite photos on life, delicious appetisers and deserts, and everything in between. Talk about nailing a unique voice and image.



Melaine Lionello is the nutritionist behind this gorgeous and insightful feed. Not only does she advise on how to best nourish your temple (aka your body), she develops her own recipes, including a coconut and lime soup sold at Woolworths. Go Melaine! From waffles, to fresh hearty salads to some of the finest smoothie bowls we’ve ever seen, Naturally Nutritious has quickly become our go-to account for foodie inspiration.



From organic to paleo, to raw to gluten and soy free, Organic Alternatives stocks healthy food products of all varieties and ships to over 53 countries around the world.  They have cleverly used video to demonstrate how to make quick, simple and healthy meals using their products, and share simple and yet potent messages through their cute-as-pie infographics and quotes.


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